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Skyfoot is really cool, although the language needs cleanup.
Righto, I'll try to clear things up a touch.

My big concern with Skyfoot/Skydance, though, is that everyone has been flying around for 8 and then 11 levels by the time either comes in. They may not actually be useful when flight is nigh-universal and even expected.
Yeah... I had noticed that, but they are exceptionally silly abilities for an otherwise mostly mundane class, and...well... I also didn't see a good way to fit them in earlier.

I'm iffy about Lightning Words, but I can't object to it strongly.
How so?

Spotlight may need its uses/day lowered. I'm pretty unsure about the focusing mechanic, too.
Mmm... perhaps. The idea is that the celerity-type effect is somewhat balanced out by the fast that everyone wants to kill you, but... Hmm...