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    The dwarf blenches as Jon secures the rope, "d-d-dangling by rope?" he mumbles meekly, but can't summon up the strength to protest the plan. With a final heave, the injured dwarf flops over the edge of the bridge and onto the deck. His groans and prayers quickly turn to loud words of thanks as he Genevieve applies her healing magics, "I can't think you enough!!! Hanging there in the bridge, waiting for that thing to run out of mule and come back for me, and the drop... the drop..." he shudders. "I doubt the Henderthanes will reward you for saving their foreman, the cheap bastards, but I'll not have the same said of me," he yanks a ring of his stubby thumb, "it didn't do much for my acrophobia, but maybe you won't have to fear high places with this."

    It's a ring of feather falling.
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