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    "No. Way."

    Billie was sitting on the other side of a reinforced glass barrier from her son. Gus had asked for this, rather than being in the same room with her for two reasons. The first was that it allowed her to be uncuffed.

    "Billie, Jake and I have been taking turns for over a year."

    "She isn't like Jake. She hates me."

    "So? You hate her. Maybe you should, Idunno, get the **** over it."

    Billie answered with fluent swearing.

    Gus shoved his fingers through his hair.

    "Billie... Mom... you have to learn to live with her. I know you thought you were going to get a potion made to kill her and to kill Jake, but that's not happening. I won't let you do it."

    "They're stealing our lives! We have a right to self defense."

    Gus shook his head. "It isn't that simple. It isn't ... we aren't separate. They're part of us. We're part of them."

    "Well I still hate her. And I'm not letting her take over. I won't do it."

    Gus didn't answer. He just shook his head and scrawled a few words in the notebook in his bad handwriting.

    "Goodbye, Mom," he said.

    A moment later, it was Jake sitting in that chair. He looked at Billie, then down at the notebook, and winced.

    "What's going on? Give me back my son, you... you life-thief!" she hissed.

    "Good afternoon, Miss Acre," Jake said with his customary politeness. Billie had never given herself a surname, so Jake used Gus's. "I'm Jacob Stevenson, and your son asked me to give you a message."

    He held the notebook up to the window. "I won't see you again till you do it. Jake will be the one to talk to you from now on. After Elaine has had her say, we'll talk again."

    The other reason Gus had asked for the barrier was because he'd expected to have to use emotional blackmail.

    "You did this to him! You're trying to take my son from me!"

    After she threw herself against the glass, she was tranquillized and returned to her cell.

    Jake slumped down, resting his head in his hands. It was hard to imagine that his own beautiful, elegant mother was a prisoner inside a mad woman.
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