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    "Goodwife Basult, I share your concerns about this temple," Maesyn replies. "I have friends inside as we speak, and I hope they are learning as much as they can about the activities occurring within."

    He ponders and looks through his pack to see if he has any spells that will help him. He could try to infiltrate the temple during the evening ceremony using his scroll of invisibility, but the possibility of counteracting magic seemed likely given the nature of the temple.

    Coming up empty, he examines the pamphlet more closely. He casts a simple detect magic spell, to see if the pamphlet registers any sort of magical energy.

    "Goodwife, do you feel safe in your home?" asks the bard. "I could pay for a room for you if you would feel more comfortable. For myself, the Mystrans will be starting their nightly ceremony soon, and it may be a chance for me to communicate with my friends on the inside. I can tell them of your husband and ask them to look for him, if you tell me what he looks like."

    Maesyn Silverhair
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