The lights came on all around the boxing ring, and as the stage hands readied the outside seats, the ushers showed the spectators to their proper arrangements. Above them all, the old man arose from his study, accompanied by his two young lady servants. He had no great entrance, nor was he announced. His boredom was quite present in his expression, obviously not interested in brutal, physical sports.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen!" A very well dressed, top-hat man stood in the center of the ring. "Please be patient as our contenders ready themselves for their glorious battle for the title of International Heavy Weight Champion! Until then, we present to you our pre-show delight, that wonderful, light-hearted joy, Smiley the Clown!" The band began to play cheerful clown music as their face-painted entertainment came out in an aristocratic, purple outfit with a white wig, with a big-red smile make-up along with the glittery white clown paint framing it.

"Hiya folks! Bummy good weather we're have-" He was interrupted by a bucket of water splashing onto him. "Oh! Bloody hell!" Much to the laughter of others around him. He honked a horn hooked up to his purple coat on his chest and laughed along with them.