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Marlae and Maesyn

Mela Basult slowly raises her head and in her red, tears-filled eyes, Maesyn and Marlae see hope for the first time.
Her voice is still broken as she speaks. I feel safe at my home. Thanks for your offer. Amnic. MY husband has beautiful green eyes and blonde hair. He is short but skinny. He has a little scar under his left eyes. He is very smart and loves to talk about books and increase his knowledge about anything.

She turns to Marlae What we found was that we could not find anything. We have various books on religion and rituals and we could not find even one faint reference to Mystra Sacred Trust. This is what fascinated Amnic. That was something new that no one had documented. This is why he kept asking and asking about details and he said the priests would not give him any details.

She looks at the two of them and falls on her knees I am begging you, please help me find him. My life is meaningless without him. We do not have much means but you can have anything you want that I have. I just want to be with him again. Please, I beg you.
Marlae frowns and immediately helps the woman up to her feet. "Goodwife, never say such things. Life is never meaningless, there is always a new Dawn, the light that chases away the darkness."