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    After the clown's small performance it was time for the evening's entree of entertainment.

    "And now, lady's and gentlemen! Wonder Jack's casino is proud to present our evening's main event!" The announcer said from the center of the ring in the loudest voice he could. As he did, Tony came into the ring, much to the crowd's delight, as did the Champion himself, making his way through the crowd with the help of the ushers clearing his path.

    "In the red corner! All the way from New York, USA! Tony Virmire!" The crowd gave a great cheer, allowing Tony time to gain his thoughts and guts.

    "And in the blue corner!" He said as the massive man climbed through the ropes and took off his red and white robe. "Born and raised in the great city of London! The Crasher Disaster! Kenneth Squire Jr!" The crowd gave their applause once more and the referee motioned them both into the center of the ring.

    "Alright, lads! I want this fight by the books! No punching below the belt, no neck shots, no unnecessary taunting, and no hitting after the round's ended. If you both understand, bump gloves and lets have a good fight!"

    Kenneth, showing his respect, held out both of his gloves to Tony to bump, and the bell sounded, signalling the first round.

    Meanwhile, outside of all of the excitement, an old bloke stood behind the young Corwin and smiled, "Good day my dear boy!" He took off his bowler hat as a greeting. "Always had respect for a hard working lad. Here you are." He said and held up a rather large coin and gave it to him.

    Upon inspection of the coin, it was a bit larger and much thicker than a fifty-cent piece we would know today. On the coin it had a single rose with a blood drop hanging from one of the thorns. On the other side, it simply had a heart much like one from a deck of playing cards. It looked to be made of a metal that resembled silver, but not the least bit tarnished.

    Had Corwin thought to thank the old man, he couldn't. The old man was gone without a single trace.

    The coin was the exact shape of the coin slot on the extremely large slot machine that several workers set up in the main lobby. Mr. Jack Winston himself had it custom made and set up piece by piece to be the most beautiful slot machine there ever was. It was eight feet tall, and covered in marble and fine white gold. The coin slot was far too large to accept any normal coins. But if Corwin wanted to get to it, he was going to either wait for his break or get by the very large supervisor waiting by the lobby entrance.
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