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    Sorry about the delay, I completely forgot that the server ate my post.

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    Total brainfart. I completely forgot about the water=scry stuff. Instead, how about a group that created and maintains a massive communications network. There's a massive series of Towers strung out across the world, each just outside of visual range of each other, and message-carriers teleport from one tower to the next and hand off the message to the waiting members of the order there, who then have someone with fresh spell slots continue on to the next. It's like a magical pony express. In that it's magic and acts like the Pony Express, not that it's a message system using magic ponies.
    I like the idea. However, the post office shouldn't extend far beyond Saalarann's domain. It would be impractical for them to have an office in Aquacor (Aqua changes the skyline like a socialite changes clothes), and Dekon and Obsid have their own ways to get information from place to place.

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    As for the name. Google Translate doesn't translate Arabic into a Latin Alphabet . So I went with Finnish and simply combined the words for "Wind" and "Reader". If you know what that is in Arabic you could still use the same name.
    Wind is loosely translated as "habb", reader as "alqar'e". On another note, I was thinking of what the name for the Teleport express could be, and I thought, "why not "wind-riders"?" Thus, the word for "rider" in arabic is "alerakeb."
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    I want to create a world that is full of possibility, and one of the best ways to handle it is by creating a bunch of stories that haven't yet been finished.
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    At this point, however, I'm thinking way too hard about the practical problems of running a battle royale school for Russian assassins, so I think I'll leave it there.
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