Ilpholin's Office

Dam'Bul is here. Nephrim has ordered him to sign up properly and become a real member as a sign of her loyalty- not that she thinks Ilpholin distrusts her, just that she doesn't know what Pazuzu said and Nephrim doesn't trust Pazuzu.

Name: Dam'Bul
Age: 2,581, I think
Sex: Neither
Species: Karkassolith Demon
Profession: Mind-slave
Reason for joining AMEN: Nephrim asked me to with her 'special voice'.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: I can access the memories of my host and all of their knowledge, and understand everything they can for as long as I'm in their head.
References (Victims preferred): Gregory Denif, Pazuzu, Nephrim, several aeronautical engineers and inventors whose names I have forgotten
Past Experience: Pazuzu had me possessing scientists and engineers to steal their knowledge on aeroplanes, machine guns and other such things for a few hundred years. Then I was seconded to Nephrim, and I do whatever that mind-controlling ***** asks of me and there's nothing I can do to stop it.
Other Information: I cannot survive away from the Abyss without a mortal host for long- an hour tops. Usually less. When I am not in a host, I am physically superior. I can alter how gravity affects me, enabling me to walk up walls, across ceilings, and in areas where gravity would hinder others, though a strong enough effect is harder for me to fight against. I do not retain the memories or knowledge of a host when I have finished with them or they have died.