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    Mopsus stood in a corner, muttering to himself and listening with half a ear to the raging debate.

    "Soft, the oracle was soft, bah. A few visions on vistas of complete and utter horror and she commits suicide. Soft, they're all too soft, including that guy's armour. How does he move in that stuff? It should be forcing him to collapse on the floor. Probably a alloy, or magical."

    After Helecionus' speech Mopsus steps forward.

    "It would seem clear to me that the gods are bent on our destruction, and no attempts to appease them would bear fruit. Indeed, is it worth it to serve such fickle and vile masters, that hold such complete and total mastery over our fates? How much longer must we endure the tyranny of these so called 'gods', who always find flaws in our every effort to obey and honour them?

    Yet I also agree that Agamemnon is severely underplaying the power of the gods. They are not simply another common foe to be met on the field of battle, they could destroy us now where we stand if they so chose, and if they were wise they would do so. They have at their beck and call the very elements surrounding us. Waves the height of tall towers they can call up, and the great grandmothers of those 'petty' storms already mentioned. They can make the very mountains explode in a fiery molten rage and shake the very earth in their anger. It is no simple matter to fight the gods, but rather a desperate scrabble for survival."

    ((OOC: I have detect thoughts from the Dantalion vestige, I concentrate on reading the thoughts of Agemennon as a full round action. DC 42))

    Current Hp: 252/252
    DC 42 for abilities
    Currently Bound Vestiges:

    Pact Augmentation:
    Resistance Acid 10(5*2(Pact Fortification))
    +20 hp(10*2)
    Dr 4/- (Dr 2/-*2)

    +4 Save DC against aberrations, constructs, oozes, and undead.
    Use sneak attacks, critical hits, and precision damage against these creatures and auto confirm critical threats against them.
    +4 AC and saves against these creatures
    Darkvision with unlimited range, see through both natural and magical darkness to limit of normal vision.
    Scent & track opponents by scent like Track feat
    Blindsight 120 ft and tremorsense 60 ft.
    Polyglot, Speak with Plants, Speak with Animals.
    Any living creature that can hear your voice make Will save or be considered friendly
    Regeneration 6/Fire or Acid
    Tenser transformation ebl rounds/day.
    quickened empowered maximized magic missile/quickened wall of force/quickened force cage 1/5 rounds.
    Pact Fortification
    Absorb the wounds suffered by an ally as an immediate action
    Disguise Self as standard action
    Heal ability damage and drain at 1/round and 1/hour respectively
    +5 Autohypnosis
    Suggestion 1/5 rounds
    Take 10 on Diplomcy or bluff, even if threatened, hurried diplomacy with no penalty.
    Those who see you cannot attack you for 1 round. 1/5 rounds
    +8 all knowledge checks
    Read thoughts
    Dimension Hop, ebl/day.
    Summon Aliens
    Pseudonatural Template
    100ft Telepathy and 100ft mindsight
    Astaroth(DR357 version):
    Divination at will

    Other Effects
    Immunity to Mind-Affecting
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