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    Angela stands off to the side with her hawk wings folded close to her back, sweeping her cloak down her spine under her pony-tail with stars showing her tunic underneath with its lack of armor. Looking about through her Hawk-like visage mask with her slate grey eyes she spots several past travel companions she sincerely didn't expect to run into on this day.

    Alcaeus, the wind under their wings and earth below their feet, seems to always bring them together for their most dire missions or dangerous travels. I'll have to ask him what kind of aeries and sights he's seen as of late.

    Berenike, the genius tactician daughter of Athena and Queen of Naxos, inveribally a cousin to my Queen Hippolyta daughter of Ares. If there ever was a female that I would want to fight along side it was her as her magic more then compensates any lacking of physical strength. To say in the least that she holds not just arcane but divine gifts gave her quite and advantage over most mortals.

    Cheiros, a man of older age then anyone else present as he lives a blasphomous life of undeath, yet chose to go against his master Hades to aid those in need. He is the only undead creator and puppeteer thus far in my life that we could rely on in the past. Queen Hippolyta wished me to thank him for his advice for the skirmish against that other necromancer some months ago.

    Mopsus, the soothsayer that the Queen as aske for advice from on several occasions, and a one time travel companion. It seems he somehow replaced the arm that was taken from him by the hydra which in someway relieved her as it would of been a shame for one that aided her in combat to not be of same use this time around.

    As for herself, she had recieved notice from the only soothsayer among the Amazons that it would be wise to head in this direction. Along with the visitation of Artemis's visage in her dreams only confirmed to come here with all due haste. That morning after she reported to her queen that she was to leave immediately to represent their tribe and aide in anyway possible. With her permission and good wishes she flew to were the mortals were to conference. It wasn't but scant days after arriving the suicide occured. Now that the meeting has finally started Angela was growing anxious.

    Listening to both sides of the argument pondering if at the rate of Agamemnon and the other men will cause a war between the mortals just to decide if they should go against the gods themselves. As each of her companions give their side of the argument it was growing to time for her to speak. She never liked speeches as they were never her forte. She was a warrior first, a spear to be used by her queen, and as her queen was busy with other troubles it was her duty to represent the Amazoness Tribe.

    Not stepping forward as she wasn't one for seeking the attention of others, she simply stretches her wings and gives them a couple of flaps to ease the tension in her muscles. Folding them back she speaks in High Grecian as is custom for when she speaks for her queen.
    "I stand here as representitive of my Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, and despite our however short skirmish with a army of the unliving I'm here to lend my bow as a substitute of her spear. My name is Angela, a humble but skilled archer and huntress. The very same that Agamemnon compares to Artemis."

    "While I agree that certain gods should be stopped more so then others such as Hades and Hecate, I do no seek to rid ourselves of gods that bestow gifts that like any sword has a drawback as well. We simply can't live without Artemis and Hera as goddesses of childbirth, Hermes with his gifs of language, writing, and diplomacy, or Apollo for his healing, and the sun."

    "I also want to agree with Mopsus and Berenike in that it won't be as simple as thrusting a spear into the guts of the dark gods at least. But I also want to point out that without a few key stones in the wall, a wall won't stand as strong and will eventually crumble. Who is to say that by destroying just the dark ones the ones of light will leave us be or show mercy? This is a sticky situation and shouldn't be judged too hastily."


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