Backlit by the crackling flames of the pyre the clamour of the kings and heroes grows loud in the air. A vast swell of anger and rising rage against the Gods palpable in the air.

A swathe of "My thoughts are private soothsayer/ Queen. Get away from my thoughts" also echo in the hall as Berenike or Mopsus interrogate their fellow King's thoughts. Some of which are clear, some of which are blocked from and shielded from sense.

Menalus stands, drunk as usual, an arm around his brother, whether for or in support its unclear. He looks out to the room, an arm raised for quiet which is more or less granted as he roars out into the night "I PISS IN THE FACE OF THE GODS. THEY ARE COWARDS. I SH!T IN THE FACE OF THEM" his coarse words normal for him, even if not the normal direction. THe drunken oaf continues however, singling out Mopsus. "WE SHALL DO AS THE SAYER SAYS. THE GODS ARE NO LONGER WORTH THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD!"

Even as his words echo around you can see other heroes rushing to placate the cheers and roars of approval.

Helecionus and his son both raising their hands, pointing towards Berenike shouting for her to speak. Odysseus rising bearlike and hollering as he points at Damien shaking his head sadly at the fiery temper in the air.

In the centre of it all stands Agamemnon, his fat belly encased in golden gilt and look of satisfaction on his grim and arrogant face....