48 stories so far! w00t!

@ Rise of the Prophet - Reminds me of all the historical war movies about oppressed people uprisings. What happened to part 2 of your story? I remember reading it.

@ Shrike and Dani - What's a weaver? I kept wanting to know more about the mother and the history rather than the girls. And why is Shrike zapping things if witchcraft is so taboo?

@ Once upon a time / Faerie had a little lamb - I always like seeing classic fae, and the French gives it a nice touch.

@ Zel - Darker indeed. Why did her client recruit her? What did he see in her that he thought made her good fodder for their program?

@ Lellienth - Scars, part 1 - Why were both Lellienth and her opponent reluctant to kill?

@ Roy Isaacs - Kris, you are a brilliant writer, and I wish you would get done with school and write full time and publish novels that I could pay real life money for and read.

@ Mrs Bloodplunder - Is awesome. I never get tired of reading about her!

@ Failing Life - Outbreak part 2 - I love the way the different scenes wove together in the whole. More please!

@ Life and Death - I've seen Rose's backstory before, but I didn't know she started with a different name.

@ Sevet - I love it.

@ Jezebel - Poor Maria I know Jezebel is evil and all, but I'm glad she found love in both her incarnations.