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    If Steve Reeves were a centaur, that would be Alcaeus. His coat is a pale undercoat (useful for aerial stealth), becoming sorrel on the flanks and at the withers, and a deep burgundy at the fetlocks, chest, hindquarters. His tail is black, as is his ample torso hair. The hair on his head and his thick beard is black and curly. His wings are dappled. They are white along the bone and front, the underwing is mainly white with various burgundy-sorrel feathers, whereas his overwing is mainly burgundy dappled with white white feathers.

    He looks longingly at the wet wood at the bottom of a keg he has emptied and shrugs, turning to hear Berenike speak. He stands his wings (puts them against his body so you see the overwing - dark burgundy with white bits) and walks up to Berenike. He looks out at royalty, raising his sword above his head, which instantly turns to a bow. He piaffes softly as he speaks to address the room. "The weapon my father gave me is named Hermedoron, but in truth, I am Hermedoron: Gift of Hermes.

    "I shall fly with you (taru makh'to), Queen of Naxos, and I shall bear you aloft to the very door of Mount Olympus, indeed to the very throne, of Zeus himself. I hope to find favor there with my father. But if it turns out that he has turned against man, than I shall return the business end of his gift if need be."
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