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Thread: The No-Life King... Lives Again!

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    one of my questions about this is how much gold do they start off with (idk if there is a set amount per class in 3.5, but there is in Pathfinder)

    Also, isn't the Negative Levels per hit Familiar upgrade at lvl 17 overpowered, you can kill a tarrasque in 25 hits without a need fora wish due to the rules saying that if a creature has a number of negative levels equal to their HD, they die, it seems like it should only be on a crit that it takes effect, also shouldn't they have a few martial weapon proficiencies to keep them alive before they get to lvl 5?

    Also, when it says that you can take two things from a previous Familiar list, does it mean only things that you haven't chosen before, because at lvl 11 someone could have 3 natural attacks, easily.

    Now time to hope that I receive a reply because I replied two years late
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