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    Default [3.5e Base Class] The Conceptualist (PEACH)

    I've had an idea for this for a long time, finally going to try to make it into a proper class. It isn't my style to post uncompleted work unless it's a large project, but I'm doing it here. And it may become one, knowing my stuff. So keep in mind what you're about to read is highly WIP and there'll be a deal added before it's really playable. Speaking of playability, I wish to use this in a new PbP I'm trying to get into. So yeah, I want it up and running in time for that.


    Wizards have known for a long time that knowledge roughly equals power. Thought equals power. With the right thoughts, you can do almost anything. Psions focus their lives around the idea that thoughts can shape the world. But they were doing it wrong. Psions put far too much emphasis on the "self" as opposed to the world around them - the world they wish to affect. What matters isn't thoughts of the self, but thoughts of the world. If you think a thought hard enough, it becomes reality. Power Words are a way of distilling a very powerful thought into a single word. It's all about the thought. Clerics have found that they can cast their spells even without a God to grant them. It is their devotion, not the god, which gives them their power. It is their thoughts. The Conceptualist has fully realized this, and has devoted their lives to the quest of Pure Thought. To think and know all things. To know something is to understand something. And to understand something is to control it.

    Adventures: Conceptualists travel the world and the planes in search of inspiration and knowledge, wishing to expand their horizons. They're always up for adventure, as long as it's original.

    Characteristics: Conceptualists are thinkers before all else. They take their time and think things through, often to the chagrin of their comrades. They like to analyze a situation from every angle and to get every point of view. However, beyond these basic traits, Conceptualists vary a good deal, depending on what Circles they specialize in.

    Alignment: Conceptualists are a very diverse group, with a roughly even distribution of all the alignments. Different Primary Circles result in different world outlooks.

    Religion: Gods are beings made of the thoughts of their believers. Respect and honor them, but realize them for what they are.

    Background: Anyone can be a Conceptualist, they just have to think hard enough. You know that nerdy guy that can't push a plow? Well if he thinks about exactly how force is exerted on it enough, it just might work on it's own. But it has to be the most pure IDEA of moving it. Most often Conceptualists run into promising children on their travels, enlighten them to the powers they possess, then carry on. The newly enlightened individual is left to explore the bounds of their own mind and what they can do with it.

    Races: Any race may be a Conceptualist, though Humans often take to it based on their natural adaptability. Grey Elves, with their high capacity for thought similarly do well.

    Other Classes: Conceptualists are curious about all individuals of all professions, seeing them as singular ideas of the world's cohesive whole. Individuals that possess great knowledge are duly respected by Conceptualists, while those that hold little value in it are not. Psions, Wizards and Archivists make either the best friends or worst enemies for Conceptualists, based on how they view each other's work. Conceptualists could see the practices of the others as part of the same practice, or they could see it as a deviant, deprived form. Likewise could be said from the other classes' point of view.

    Role: Conceptualists are highly versatile and can fill most roles. A utility/support type role best suits them, however. They are likely to be aiding their comrades from a safe distance, though they could exemplify the Concept of War to play a more active part. Role is largely defined by the Concepts in which they specialize.

    Abilities: Intelligence is by far the most important ability for Conceptualists, as it determines the strength of all of their abilities. Charisma is helpful if trying to great a diplomatic Conceptualist. Constitution and Dexterity are useful as always for longevity.
    Alignment: Any.
    Hit Dice: d6.
    Starting Age: As Sorcerer.
    Starting Gold: As Rogue.

    Class Skills: Concentrate, Craft, Diplomacy, Knowledge, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spellcraft and Use Magic Device. Additionally, Conceptualists have five more Class Skills of their choice, selected when they attain their first level in this class.
    Skill Points at 1st Level: (4+Int modifier) x 4
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4+Int modifier

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Focus
    1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Circles of Thought, Pure Intellect, Mental Rush, Shield of Thought 1
    2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Think Before You Act, Mage Hand 2
    3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Well of Knowledge 5
    4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Over Conceptualize (1), Message 9
    5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Second Circle (-2) 14
    6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Paragon of Thought 1/day 20
    7th +3 +2 +2 +5 Will of Logic 27
    8th +4 +2 +2 +6 Over Conceptualize (2), Applied Intellect 35
    9th +4 +3 +3 +6 Mental Construct 44
    10th +5 +3 +3 +7 Third Circle (-4) 54
    11th +5 +3 +3 +7 Trapped in Your Head 65
    12th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 Over Conceptualize (3), Paragon of Thought 2/day 77
    13th +6/+1 +4 +4 +8 Quick Construct 90
    14th +7/+2 +4 +4 +9 Grant Comprehension 104
    15th +7/+2 +5 +5 +9 Fourth Circle (-6) 119
    16th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 Over Conceptualize (4), Reinvent the Wheel 135
    17th +8/+3 +5 +5 +10 Instant Construct 152
    18th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Paragon of Thought 3/day 170
    19th +9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Deconceptualize 189
    20th +10/+5 +6 +6 +12 Over Conceptualize (5), A God am I 209
    Class Features:
    All the following are Class Features of the Conceptualist.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Conceptualists have proficiency with Simple Weapons, and no armor. Armor and shields do not hinder the use of their abilities, however.

    Circles of Thought (Su): The majority of the Conceptualist's powers and uniqueness come from their focus on certain Circles of Thought. These in turn contain a number of individual Concepts which grant the Conceptualists power. At first level the Conceptualist selects a single Circle as their First Circle. Each morning the Conceptualist spends an hour focusing their minds on the thoughts that provide them power. They allocate their Focus among the Concepts to which they have access, based on their Circles. Conceptualists have a Thinker Level equal to their class level. There can not be more Focus put into any one Concept from the First Circle than the Conceptualist's Thinker Level. Second, Third and Fourth Circle Concepts act at a reduced level, as indicated by the table. For example, a Second Circle Concept with 5 Focus in it would operate as if there were only 3.

    Pure Intellect (Su): In addition to the more specific Circles and Concepts to which the Conceptualist gains access, they also gain a number of other capabilities by harnessing a much rawer form of their intellect. They have a number of Pure Intellect points (PI) which they may spend each day equal to twice their Intelligence Modifier plus their Conceptualist level.

    Shield of Thought (Su): Under normal circumstances, a thinker like the Conceptualist wouldn't last long on the battlefield. However, they may use their Pure Intellect to protect themselves with a wall of solid thought. As an immediate action the Conceptualist may add an amount to their AC as a deflection bonus equal to the number of PI they spend, up to a maximum of half their Conceptualist Level rounded up or 5, whichever is less. This bonus lasts until the start of their next turn and may only be used if the Conceptualist is aware of the attack.

    Mental Rush (Su): Thoughts inside minds. It isn't difficult to overwhelm a lesser mind, preventing them from thinking clearly enough to act. The Conceptualist may spend one or more PI (Max Conceptualist Level) to force a target within 30ft to make a Will Save at DC 10+Int mod+PI spent. If the target fails the save, they are Stunned for a number of rounds equal to the margin of failure, minimum one round.

    Think Before you Act (Ex): Forethought is one of the main tenets of the Conceptualist world view. They don't blindly rush into things. They may spend a full round action concentrating on what they plan to accomplish, spending a single PI in the process. Any skill check or attack roll made in the following round gains a bonus equal to the Conceptualist's Intelligence Modifier.

    Mage Hand (Su): Psions move things around a whole lot with their minds. It seems to be one of the things they like to do to show off. It also happens to be a basic technique that all Conceptualists gain access to. For one PI they may cast Mage Hand as per the spell as a standard action, with a Caster Level equal to their Thinker Level.

    Well of Knowledge (Ex): Conceptualists learn a lot of things in their travels - it's only natural, given what they spend their time doing. Every little bit of knowledge they come across is safely filed away for later use. With the application of a few handy mnemonic techniques, this allows the Conceptualist to draw upon a varitable wellspring of knowledge. This ability functions the same as the Loremaster's Lore ability, save that Conceptualist level is used instead of Loremaster level.

    Over Conceptualize (Su): It's always possible to put a little extra umph in your thoughts. Unfortunately, it also exhausts you a bit. Starting at level 4, the Conceptualist may temporarily boost the Focus in a Concept in which they already have one or more allocated by 1, for the purposes of a single use of said Concept. After this use, the Focus in the concept is reduced by one until they rest for eight hours. At level eight and above, they may boost it up to two, suffering a drop of two afterwards, and so on, as indicated. If the Concept being boosted is passive or of an ongoing duration, it is boosted for two minutes and this ability is used as a move action.

    Message (Su): Thoughts are the bread and butter of the Conceptualist. It's only natural that they could project theirs into the minds of others. They may spend one PI to cast Message, as per the spell, as a standard action, with CL equal to TL.

    Paragon of Thought (Su): When a Conceptualist enters that special spot between the real world and the world of their minds, they are capable of truly frightening feats. Starting at 6th level, they may go Paragon Mode once per day as a free action. While in Paragon Mode, they gain a temporary +4 to Intelligence and Wisdom, as well as a +2 to Will Saves. This does not result in an increased PI. Focus in all Concepts that have one or more in them already functionally increase by 2 for the duration. The Conceptualist gains a temporary reserve of PI equal to their newly changed Int Mod for the duration, which disappears when the Mode ends (Think of it kinda like Temporary HP in how it works). Paragon Mode lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3+Newly changed Int Mod, though it can be ended early as a Free Action. Following the Paragon Mode, the Conceptualist is Fatigued until the end of the encounter or for the next two minutes, whichever is longer. During this time they may not use any Concepts or spend any PI. At higher levels this becomes usable more times per day.

    Will of Logic (Ex): The Conceptualist's focus on the ideas of the world keep them firmly grounded in reality. They add their Intelligence Modifier to their Will saves instead of Wisdom if it is higher.

    Applied Intellect (Ex): All the Conceptualist's diverse training aids them in picking up skills with which they have no experience. When making a skill check with a skill in which they have no ranks, they may choose to spend an amount of PI. They gain a bonus on the check equal to the PI spent.

    Mental Construct (Su): One of the Conceptualist's most versatile abilities is that to give their thoughts solid form. They may create a stationary, semi-transluscent object anywhere within 50ft of a size category as indicated by the table below. It it immovable and lasts for a number of rounds equal to Conceptualist Level, though it may be dismissed early. The Construct need not be continuous (Could be ladder rungs, for example) and a Craft Check may be made to make it appear in a certain form. The construct has Hardness equal to half Conceptualist level, rounded down and HP equal to twice Conceptualist level. Creating a construct takes one full round action per PI spent. At 13th level Constructs take one full round per two PI spent to create, and if only one PI is being spent it is done as a standard action. At 17th level they are created at 4 PI per full round, done in a Standard action if 2 or 3 are spent and done in a Move Action if only 1 is spent.

    PI Spent Size Category
    1 Fine
    2 Diminutive
    4 Small
    8 Medium
    12 Large
    16 Huge
    20 Gargantuan
    26 Colossal

    Trapped in Your Head (Su): One of the first things every Conceptualist learns is to overwhelm a target with Pure Intellect. Going beyond that, they can overwhelm a target so completely that they become catatonic, trapped inside their own minds, incapable of taking any physical action. Using this ability takes one minute and must be used on a willing, restrained, or unconcious individual. At the end of the casting, they become catatonic (as described above) for a number of hours equal to Conceptualist Level. After this period, they may make a Will Save at DC 10+1/2 Conceptualist Level rounded down+Int Modifier. If failed, they are catatonic for another period as before. After this second period they roll their save again, now at a +1. Add one every time they fail their save until they succeed.

    Grant Comprehension (Su): With a brain this poweful, it's no surpise that you can boost those around you. What IS surprising is that you can boost them so high that they can comprehend Concepts. The Conceptualist may spend a minute to grant a willing target they are making contact with access to a single one of the Concepts which they have access to and an amount of Focus equal to the amount the Conceptualist lends them, maximum being the target's Int modifier. These abilities and points may be recalled at any time as a Free Action.

    Reinvent the Wheel (Su): "May your thoughts become reality" is a common tiding of good will among Conceptualists. But few attain a level of power such that they can change the very way that the world works on a whim. Starting at this level, they may spend a single PI to make one inanimate, nonmagical item or dead creature function as if it were another object of comparable size for a single hour. A square wheel could function as a circular wheel, for example. Or a dead fish as an arrow. The targeted object cannot be larger than 5ft in any direction. All uses of this ability are subject to DM approval.

    Deconceptualize (Su): If you can think something into reality, why not think something out of it? You just think that it's not there with enough conviction and... It's not. Like it's never been. By spending an amount of PI as a Full Round Action, the Conceptualist may attempt to Deconceptualize an object or creature within 50ft, of a size given by the table below.

    PI Spent Size Category
    2 Fine
    4 Diminutive
    8 Small
    12 Medium
    16 Large
    20 Huge
    24 Gargantuan
    30 Colossal
    Inanimate, nonmagical matter is annihilated entirely, leaving no trace. Inanimate living material (Such as mundane plants) cost the usual amount, plus an additional cost of 3 PI. Targeted Magic Items get a Will Save to resist, at DC 10+1/2 Conceptualist Level+Int Mod. Targeted living creatures get a similar save and have an additional cost of 5. Dead creatures may be targeted, allowing no save but still having the usual cost. A Deconceptualized creature (Even if Deconceptualized after killed) cannot by resurrected by anything but True Resurrection and even that has a 50% chance to fail. Direct action on the part of a God is, as always, able to entirely ignore this restriction.

    A God Am I (Su): Speaking of Gods... Conceptualists are frequently found lost in their heads. Constantly thinking of a world different than the one their in. A world of logic, a world of creativity. A world where they have power. Their world. At this, the apex of Conceptualist power, this world becomes reality. A new Demiplane all their own. It has an area equal to Conceptualist Level squared square miles (400 square miles at 20th level). 5 PI may be spent as a Standard Action to Plane Shift here from any other plane. Willing travelers may come along at the cost of 3 PI per, and they must be in contact with the Conceptualist. Inanimate matter may be taken at no cost, as long as it does not exceed the Maximum Load of the travelers. Unwilling travelers may be taken as well, at the usual cost, but they get a Will Save at DC 10+1/2 Conceptualist Level+Int mod to resist. If they succeed, the PI are wasted and the Conceptualist travels without them. The Conceptualist and any individuals they allow may leave the realm as a Full Round action, reappearing exactly where they were when they traveled to the realm. Unwilling travelers may make the save again after spending a Full Round concentrating to attempt to leave. If unsuccessful, they may spend a Move Action each round after that, re-rolling the save with a cumulative +1 bonus to the roll until the escape. Individuals with Plane Shift or similar abilities may use that to leave.

    Within the Realm, the Conceptualist can do a number of things at the cost of one PI and a Standard action:

    • Shift the temperature up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit, not exceeding 0 or 100 degrees. Default is 70.
    • Change the direction of gravity. Default is "Down".
    • Change ambient light level one notch. Default Bright.
    • Create 10 cubic feet of any substance, such as stone, wood, bread, or water.
    • Create a group of creatures with total HD no greater than Conceptualist Level. These beings may not leave the Realm by any means and there may be no more than Conceptualist Level Squared HD worth of such creatures at any one time. These beings act as usual, though tend to act kindly towards the Conceptualist if they are sentient.
    • Create any single landscape feature, structure, or group of small structures. Craft (Landscape) may be applicable, as may Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering). Examples are rivers, mountains, castles, or groups of houses.

    Nothing created as part of the realm (Creatures, substances, dirt from hills, etc.) may leave it by any means. The one exception to this is matter that has been digested or is being actively digested by a Traveler (A being that does not originate in the Realm), subject to DM approval.

    Lastly, while inside the bounds of their Realm, the Conceptualist is considered as if constantly in Paragon Mode.

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