Crossing her arms as the men continue their squabble, Angela turns her attention to other things of note. Such as Damien's almost dramatic entrance, if not for her mask allowing her to see through such things anyways. Listening to their points she turns to Berenike and Damien as they at least seem more sensible.

Giving her a slight bow in return to her compliments before responding while retaining eye contact. "Indeed Alcaeus and I have on occasion joined hunts together, though I think that he over embellishes his stories of my skill. If it is anyone that should have songs sung of their adventures, I believe it would be you and Damien over myself. As it were, it seems that the Fates desired of me to come on the journey which I planned on going on alone if no one else accompanied. As representitive of the Amazons, and as my Queen's bow I humbly accept your offer Daughter of Athena"

Walking closer to the winged centaur she gives him a broad smile as she over hears him challenging Damien to a race. She was always entertained at his persistent search for a challange, and as always she can't help but want to oblige him. Switching to Common Greican she joins in. "If its a race you are looking for, maybe you should be looking at one that can actually give you a challenge?"