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Mopsus mutters to himself "Flattery will get you everywhere my dear"

"I will aid you yes. And I suppose the best and most immediate way to aid you is to perform some divinations. Let me get my things. This may take a while, I suggest the rest of you get refreshments or something."

Mopsus starts muttering to himself again and rummaging inside his haversack. Keen observers would note that he pulled out more items that could possibly have been contained in one normal bag of that type. Mopsus continued muttering to himself and seemed to be setting up a comfortable place to sit for while. Meanwhile Mopsus was pondering which of the spirits at his command would best help him to travel rapidly, he wouldn't want to be left behind by those winged rapscallions.

Probably quite a few onlookers were bemusedly observing the seemingly slightly insane behaviours of the Augur.