After much consideration from the comments (and a little head-scratching), I decided to submit my guitar-piano piece as "Pulling the Strings", though if anyone can give a better name, I'll be glad to hear it

Also: I've run out of NoteFlight space. I have finally hit the 10 score limit

As such, for my 10th score, I decided to come up with something epic*. And, as with my other pieces, I still need deciding where it should go. I was briefly considering the whole deal with the snarl being imprisoned, peaceful for a time, but then the fight begins again, but I'll prefer to hear what you guys think first

Anyway, enough rambling. Here it is!

*An attempt at being epic does not mean it is epic.

Also, my score has a bit of a scrolling problem. It doesn't seem to auto-scroll for some of the pages. Anyone else experience this problem?