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    Your epic piece does indeed sound epic. It does a very good job of passing the melody around different parts and makes good use of counter-melodies and active accompaniment. It sounds like something I might listen to as a video game or movie score - engaging, but not intrusive.

    I have two critiques on this, however. The first is to add a few light touches of accompaniment to the piano solo in bars 21-29. You don't even have to do much, just a sprinkle of left-hand piano or something to add a dash of texture to remind the audience where the downbeat is and where the chord progression is going. You wouldn't need it if the solo was less than around 6 bars long, but since it lasts a bit longer than that, the energy you've built up to this point will dissipate somewhat unless you put in a bit of texture to keep the audience engaged.

    The second critique is one word: dynamics. Sure, layering different parts together often gives a natural boost to the dynamic level, but I can really see this piece coming alive with the addition of some variation from the standard mezzo-forte. Crescendos and decrescendos would also add quite a bit to this piece, but sadly, the playback on Noteflight likes to ignore them. If you want this piece to eventually be played by humans, however, you should seriously consider putting them in anyways.

    EDIT: Also, I have tried watching this in both page view and strip view. Neither scrolls along with the playback properly.
    EDIT2: Now that I'm thinking about it, sounds like it could make a good Order of the Scribble theme. The tense and foreboding beginning represents the Snarl starting to come through into the world (in five different instruments places, no less). The Order of the Scribble forms around bar 30, and they have some good times adventuring and making friends with each other. I imagine Soon's theme to be in bars 55-68, and Girard's in 69-80, both displaying some minor chords and tension while displaying different tones and styles that are somewhat incompatible with each other. Then, the Scribble's argument begins in 83 and grows darker and more violent until you reach the point of no return and the piece ends with the Scribbles suddenly breaking up.
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