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Barcraft Report

HuK made top 4, for the second MLG tournament in a row. It would be great to see some more canadians in the top 20. I think HuK can take the win one of these days, but he seems to get bogged down and ignore his Macro when a big complex fight breaks out. He did multidirectional pressure really well and did some excellent non-forcefield surrounds.

Won another 4 person party pack for the gaming center just down the road from me.

Barcraft + Berfday was awesome.
Baneling cake = win.

Signs from Barcraft
"Nerf Pylons"
"Do Not Clench Fish"
"Larva are OP"
"Make exceptions and defense them"
And a slew of player specific signs as well as various 'umad' type messages.

So much fun.
The entire tournament format was heavily against HuK. He had to play a lot more games compared to MKP (and so did DRG for that matter).
If they changed the format, he would have an extremely convincing chance of winning a MLG.