Thunder roars and craches loudly in the background as the skies above the pyre and the temple roll and clouds slowly race across the star scape covering the woven tapestry of heroes and villian written in the sky...

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"Wolfman speaks wisely. If I could make a suggestion? It may be possible for me to divine a means to strike back at the gods, if I were to attempt it, though fishing for knowledge with magic is a uncertain business"
At the quiet of words of the soothsayer there is a chorus of nods. Most assidiously from both Odysseus and Agamemnon both of whom speak with almost one voice, "An excellent thought, Only with the weapons of the Gods can we hope to slay/best them..." though to the binder's eye the motives behind each man are different. Odyssues honest and plain in his hope, Ahamemnon craving yet more power on the mortal plane.

Even as Mopsus begins to unpack his accoutrements, mighty Kraksos of Ithica sweeping a table free of glasses and platters with a great crash of food and drink Cherios speaks. This time most of the room quietens. Even the mighty kings curious about the strange despised of Hades.

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"Ladies, gentlemen. I speak with more than sixty years of experience in struggling against the will of a god. Railing against injustice is practically a hobby of our people. But do we actually have a way to strike back? And have we heard any reports that might presage the calamity that the oracle foresaw?"
At the question there a few drunken roars of bravado and boast- mainly from the spartans with their muscled looks and high well haired helms but a few quieten down.

Others hower speak up, Poeas, King of Meliboea (in Thessaly) shouts up- his famous bow- a gift from Hercules himself playing around the room to punctuate his point. "We can feel the heavy boot of the Gods upon our neck. How many babes born still born from Hera's spite. How many fields barren when they should be plentiful as Demeter turns away from us and how many undying creatures leave the Hades realm to plauge our lands. Whether we elect to fight or not the Gods are unleashing this madness upon us."

Might Catreus, lord of the great labyrinth of daedlus, son of cursed Minos, speaks up. "He speaks the truth. My great and noble land is ravaged by the madness of the gods. Minotaur tribes stalk the woods slaying at will, harpies assail my ships and great lightning storms hurled by Zeus himself have fired my towns. Thousands of my people stolen and hurled into tartarus at Hades whimsy. I am already a land beset by beast and weather. Soon you will all be the same".

Even as several others voice similar tales of woe and monsters and cataclysm blighting their lands Agamemnon and his brother take the centre of the floor again. The golded armoured lord of king, mightiest of all the warlords of Greece once again taking to the floor. "You see my fellows. The Gods have set themselves against us. They would have us squatting in caves without fire or light or civilisation. They would see us reduced to mere beasts and at the whim of their cruel mercy. Gather our armies I say. Pull down their Temples and bring about the rule of man and the civilisation of the Grecian people!

His rant fades as Berenike takes the floor and all eyes turn towards her. Not only the others repsecting her power but just the impact of a (relatively) young and beautiful women amongst a great gather of old men...

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"The Master of Nine has given us the best answer thus far, and I shall stand behind it. In doing so, Damien, I stand with you.

"True, we must be proactive - and I applaud his wisdom. I offer to aid the esteemed Augur of the Veil to look into magics that may shed light on this problem ... but I understand that if there is issue from the gods, perhaps such information is suspect, yet I will look into it. Then, we shall head north to Mons Olympus and demand answer there. We may be struck down, or we may strike a deal ... but better that the two of us, and others who will travel with us, make this sacrifice than thousands and thousands of men and women.

"Master of Nine, please accept me on your quest. Your blade is second only to your wisdom.

"Alcaeus, my old friend, they say that while Mount Olympus touches the earth and its peak sometimes seen, yet only the greatest travellers can actually see the way to travel. I know no finer traveller and scout. Will you join me on this quest, one in which far more lives than our own are at stake?

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"Cheiros, you know the mind of one of the most notorious aggressor-gods in the last few years. You helped me regain the heart of my kingdom, and any debt of honor one might level against you has been paid. I could not accept your offer in rebuilding Naxos as you had given, but now there is a quest in which your tie with Hades, your knowldge, and your raw power will be most needed. Will you travel with us?
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"The rest of you will do an admirable job of speaking for the peoples of our land. I will endeavour to speak on behalf of the thousands upon thousands who languish below. Hestia agrees."
"We will come with you to petition the gods, and to learn more of the nature of this disturbance."
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"Mopsus, you are an enigma. I never did get to meet or thank you for your actions at the end of the battle in driving Dumisani's mercenaries into the sea. Legends speak of your amazing sight, a gift that any Athenian should admire. Too, your handling of the strange spirits make your tongue the firmest in matters of delicacy. Will you aid us in this journey?

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"Angela, though we have never met, Alcaeus oft has told me of his regard for your bow. I do not know which is most embellished (if at all), your legend, or his esteem of your skill. I understand that your agility in flight is unmatched. We could use an aerial sniper and battlefield overhead, as our style (mine and Alcaeus' together) tends to include mobility which exceeds good overhead direction. He may need your aid in survival matters as well. If it please you and your Queen, will you be willing to set your wings in the same direction as our intended horizon?"
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She then looks at Helecionus. "You are mighty, sea warrior, but if Poseidon is intent on raping the lands about the coast, your people need you now, and need you here. Instead of throwing your son into a sea that will likely not accept the sacrifice but taunt you, I ask that you give your son a fighting chance. Let Nassus come with us. It may well be that our journeys may require his aquatic experience and know-how, he will have no better teachers in all manner of survival and arms, and he may bring your family and your people great honor instead of grief. If a spear must be thrust into a god's belly, then at the end of the day let it be Nassus' harpoon."
The king and his son both nod in agreement. THe young man's rapt face and eyes openly staring with a mixture or reverence and lust at the young Queen before he hoists up the massive harpoon from his back and kneel low "I will travel with Berenike. We shall demand answers from these Gods or di in the attempt. This I, Nassus, Prince of Islands do declare!

Berenike attends her peers. "This is our plan, and we ask you to consider chance and time for us to succeed. Strike firmly and without hesitation at what evil plagues you, make sure that you protect those that need protection, and begin mobilizing and outfitting your soldiers as you must.

"But I entreat you all .... do not begin full scale warfare on the holy sites of the gods without allowing us a chance to succeed in our task."

There is a great round of applause and cheers echoing around the Temple. Nearly drowing out the heavy thunder rolling overhead before many of the Kings agree. "We shall gather our armies and defend our lands fair Queen. We shall not sit idly while they rape and destroy all that we sought have to build. We shall not march however until we hear how you have fared..."

The Great Agamamenon also nods alongs with his knot of more warlike supporters. "Fear not Berenike, shall you fall we shall take great care of fair Naxos and the bounty that tend so well."