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    Mopsus settled upon his meditation blanket, and with a loud moan seemed to enter a trance like state. A cloudy film covered his mirror eyes and a stench of brimstone suddenly started wafting from him.

    Mumbling indecipherably to himself he seemed to become unaware of the world around him as he focused on the bowl he held in his lap and started rocking back and forth to a rhythm that only he heard. Pieces of chalk lay scattered around Mopsus, seemingly accidentally strewn around rather than purposefully arranged.

    ((OOC:Swift action stop suppressing sign of Astaroth. Just a note that these signs are not illusions for all you guys with true seeing. Currently awaiting a reply on my divinations, feel free to imagine one of those horrible torture pieces of customer service line music playing if you like))
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    I figure that's why d&d gods do so little - they're busy taking psychotherapy sessions to get rid of all the voices they hear.
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