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    Mopsus' back arched suddenly and he made a long sound could only be described as a hyena being strangled far too slowly before entering a fit of convulsion. Once he calmed down again his eyes were no longer mirrors, though they were still filmed over. His voice pitched in a strange and unearthly timbre Mopsus started speaking in Olympian while staring straight ahead at things only he could see:

    "Ere you can stop the beating of hearts divine you must extinguish the conflagration of their life neverending."

    Mopsus started suffering a multitude tics and twitches, his throat making noises no human throat is meant to. His voice suddenly extremely low, deep and gravelly with a certain growling quality to it, Mopsus continued once more in Olympian:

    "The calamities of Greece are as the temper tantrums of a spoilt child who wishes to get his way.

    As bread is to us mortals, so is worship to the deities, without it they are nothing, and their worship is being lessened by that bestowed upon the hero cults."

    Mopsus suddenly became completely stiff and rigid, like a statue almost, his hair, skin and eyes turning green before the eyes of his onlookers. His vice like the sonorous tolling of a doom bell, Mopsus started barking in the language of the noble Blink Dogs:

    "Bark bark woof woof growl, whine"

    His divinations seemingly done Mopsus surrenders to a coughing fit.

    Swift action suppress sign Zceryll.Standard action divination. Swift action stop suppressing sign of Naberius. Standard action divination. Standard action divination. Swift action stop suppressing sign of Gaia.Standard action divination.Standard action divination.Standard action divination.Standard action divination.

    If anyone actually understands blinkdog, or has telepathy or whatever I'll pm them what I said.

    In case it isn't clear, I divined for how to kill the gods, whether the gods are responsible for the calamities and why they are causing the calamities if it s them.
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    I figure that's why d&d gods do so little - they're busy taking psychotherapy sessions to get rid of all the voices they hear.
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