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-Beating a wizard to death with his familiar is considered poor form

--this goes double if if my characters strength score is below ten

-If i insist on doing this anyway i shouldn;t be upset when the DM awards the XP to the familiar, and has it go on to be a recurring villain in our campaign.
-- The Familiar cannot also be the BBEG

-- No, the BBEG's Dragon cannot be the druid's animal companion, no matter how much more competant than most of the melee fighters in the party it is

-- The small enslaved servants of the PC's are not secretly spying on thm, and I am not to tell my players such at every opportunity

-- Especially not if the game is subterfuge based and the players are fully aware I'm trying to pick them off one by one, with them having to figure out how

-- My excuse that the great and powerful X merely appears in the form of a common raven because a glimpse at it's true non-eludecian visiage would drive the PCs and players mad is not acceptable. well, unless we're playing call of Cuthulu, in which case it's hardly passable and needs more detail.