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    Quote Originally Posted by Toliudar View Post
    "The rest of you will do an admirable job of speaking for the peoples of our land. I will endeavour to speak on behalf of the thousands upon thousands who languish below. Hestia agrees." ..." We will come with you to petition the gods, and to learn more of the nature of this disturbance."
    "Indeed you are far-sighted, Cheiros. Thank you. The living who oppose us with evil shall come to fear you."
    Quote Originally Posted by DrK View Post
    The king [Heleconius] and his son [Nassus] both nod in agreement. THe young man's rapt face and eyes openly staring with a mixture or reverence and lust at the young Queen before he hoists up the massive harpoon from his back and kneel low "I will travel with Berenike. We shall demand answers from these Gods or di in the attempt. This I, Nassus, Prince of Islands do declare!
    "Nassus, Prince of the Islands," Berenike says, nodding to Heleconius as she does so while keeping an eye respectfully on the prince, "we gladly welcome your courage and your spear."
    Sense Motive: Do the Islanders .... which islands, by the way? ... seem above-board in their offer (or rather, in accepting mine)? What about moral alignment (DC 40 - L/N/C?)? (1d20+33)[36]

    Also using Complete Adventurer, can I get a sense of Nassus' skill (SM again): (1d20+33)[48]

    Also, does she detect chaos/ evil from either of them ... but especially Nassus?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrK
    The Great Agamamenon also nods alongs with his knot of more warlike supporters. "Fear not Berenike, shall you fall we shall take great care of fair Naxos and the bounty that tend so well."
    She looks at 'Great Agamemnon,' smiling, "In this time of great crisis, Great King, let those of you staying behind not stray too far from protecting his homeland. It seems your home is more beset than my own, and Nikanor - and the Delian League at that - know the proper measures of succession if that unfortunate event should occur. Your offer, though appreciated, will not be necessary. Though your kindness shall be remembered."
    Oh, the Great Game ... because, y'know, Agamemnon was purely altruistic in his offer.

    Quote Originally Posted by RaggedAngel View Post
    Damien looks to the old, weathered man, intent on his words. "Truly," he muses aloud, his own voice calm and steady, "far more wisdom is whispered than shouted. All the same, I am unsure if such a task would bear fruit, and now such an investigation would commence; would we capture a minotaur or harpy and demand they tell us from whence they came? While we did such a thing more storms would rise, more dead babes die, and more monsters would pour forth. I think it is best to go directly to the gods, honored Cheiros. Even if they are not the cause of this calamity, they must have some knowledge of the cause. We may even find them embroiled in a battle of their own, assailed by some unknown force."

    Damien looks around as he raises this final possibility, his eyes narrowing as his mind races through the possibilities. "It is unlikely, but we know for a fact that there are forces that can contest the gods, minor blasphemy though it may be to admit it. They are not utterly immortal, nor infallible. They may need our aid as much as we need theirs; and if not, then who else could be to blame for these calamities and horrors? No, honored elder, I respect your words, but I do not think a diversion or delay would benefit us. We know that the ultimate source of this disease must lie on Olympus, and if it does not, then the gods owe us the cure before we are destroyed by this affliction."
    Berenike ponders this, and says, "It is a possibility that has actually been gnawing at me, Damien. Are the gods punishing us en masse, regardless of classical mores and ethics attributed them? or, are they unable to tend to their responsibilities because some unseen danger against which they contend takes so much of their attention away, that mortal evils that were held in check are not held back anymore, and the world grows wild until some wrong may be righted. My greatest fear has always been that for whatever reason: because they escaped, because the gods loose them out of desperation, because the gods are too busy to hold them in check ... that the titans shall exeunt Tarterus."

    "Either way, I still agree that direct to Olympus is the way to go. Fate deals its hand as it shall, and if we are taken off course by some obstacle, perhaps that is for the best. For now, though, north."
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonic_Spoon View Post
    Mopsus' back arched suddenly and he made a long sound could only be described as a hyena being strangled far too slowly before entering a fit of convulsion. Once he calmed down again his eyes were no longer mirrors, though they were still filmed over. His voice pitched in a strange and unearthly timbre Mopsus started speaking in Olympian while staring straight ahead at things only he could see:

    "Ere you can stop the beating of hearts divine you must extinguish the conflagration of their life neverending."
    Can Berenike figure out to what this may allude?
    K: History (is there a similar manner in which gods have been killed in history/ legend)? - (1d20+22)[37]

    K: Planes (does the knowledge of this deal with the truly external and esotrerical, i.e., the life and processes of those from beyond this world)? - (1d20+19)[27]

    K: Religion (does this knowledge lie, since we are dealing with the top of a theological food chain, in religious philosophy)? - (1d20+37)[42]

    Quote Originally Posted by Mopsus
    ... started suffering a multitude tics and twitches, his throat making noises no human throat is meant to. His voice suddenly extremely low, deep and gravelly with a certain growling quality to it, Mopsus continued once more in Olympian:

    "The calamities of Greece are as the temper tantrums of a spoilt child who wishes to get his way.

    As bread is to us mortals, so is worship to the deities, without it they are nothing, and their worship is being lessened by that bestowed upon the hero cults."
    "Hmmm," muses Berenike. "The gods are angry with us and lash out because ... our worship feeds them, and those that venerate mortals in place of gods misplace the power of that worship."

    She nods, and looks at the assembled kings, who must assuredly have watched this proceeding by the 'new' resident oracle (like it or not), as well as her musings. "My exalted peers, it seems that while the camel's back needs mending and the injury must run some of its course, I know one way to possibly soften the blow. Go to your homes, and have your soldiers seek out shrines to false gods to heroes. Figures, statues, paintings are fine. But any place that is designed as a place of worship to any so-called god should be torn down, unless proof can be made that divine power has been granted to its adherents - evidence that this is no longer a hero-cult figurehead, but an accepted member of Olympus. Do not put the people to the sword, for they do not know what they have done, but outlaw any such matters."
    I'll discuss this slippery slope in OOC ... yeah, I get it.

    She continues to look to the kings. "I imagine that the majority of us are as outfitted as we need to be personally. But this task we undertake is likely fraught with great peril. To aid us on our journey, we may need very powerful healing magics which are very expensive to cast. I ask what will likely quiet the most vociferous of you in here, but ask I shall: Will any of you - directly or through your own entourage of casters here at court or in Delphi - be willing to provide funds or spell components directly that in the darkest times my magic may yet bring light? Should any of us fall, the magics I must use to wrest them from Hades task must be the highest caliber, or else they shall be returned less than they were, and our mission suffers ever more.

    "This is an investment we all share, not just those of us physically going, and all of our lands are at risk. Upon our success, I will be willing to give an accouting of what of these pooled resources were used at what time and for what instance. I shall log what you have given, and that which is not used shall be returned in due proportion."
    Pretty much the fantasy equivalent of asking for a desired expedition to be funded by those that desire it in the first place. Why should expensive material components be a bill footed solely by PCs when so much is at stake?

    What she says is true, though .... that which is given, and by whom (or of what lands should that person die in the interim of our trek) .... shall be meticulously recorded, as shall actual expenditures. At the end of the journey, should we survive, she will absolutely and honorably give an appropriate proportion of remaining funds (if any).

    Pass the hat, boys and girls!
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