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Firstly I hope Deconceptualize's text is only flavour and not mechanics yet as that would be the most powerful thing in the game.

Secondly you call Applied Logic, Applied Intellect in the table.

Thirdly, Reinvent the wheel is my new favourite ability. It is going to be amazingly useful and it shouldn't be too overpowered.

Fourthly, FISH ARROWS!

Fifthly, I really like how this is so far and will be watching this develop very closely.

Finally, I look forward to seeing this playtested.
Very cool! Glad you like it! Thanks for the Applied Intellect catch! And I have added mechanics for Deconceptualize - May need some tweaking, but is effectively the only save-or-die they get. May need some tweaking.

Almost done typing up A God Am I!