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    Default Re: [3.5e Base Class] The Conceptualist (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus View Post
    Hmm... I'm seeing way too many abilities keyed off of PI points with far too few uses, though Paragon of Thought may help with this. 1/2LvL+Int for an entire day when you can spend up to your level blocking an attack seems... lopsided, I guess? Do you intend for PI to be Per Encounter, rather than Per Day? That so many features use PI and so much can be spent to that end seems to suggest it.

    My first impression gives me a sort of Incarnum Sorcerer feel, which may change wildly depending on actual Circles and Concepts. When I say Incarnum Sorcerer, I refer to how your focus can change wildly from day to day. Though that leads me to thinking about how it might be nice to have the ability to slightly modify your focus during the course of the day, but depending on the Circles and Concepts that might be silly.
    First half: Going through and typing this all up, I realized that myself. It was originally meant to be a per day basis, and the features to be random side abilities. It is worth noting that many uses cost only a single PI. May still tweak it, however. Perhaps full Conceptualist level+Int mod. Or +2X Int mod. Or something like that. I would like to keep them on a per day basis, however.

    Second: Circles and Concepts, as I said earlier, will be the primary power of this class. Most of the PI abilities are side features usable primarily outside of combat (Save for the first two). You can reselect your Focus allocation among Concepts each day, but not your choice of Circles. So there is still some consistency in abilities on a day-to-day basis, while still allowing for adaptability. I'll likely add a feat that allows you to once per day shift an amount of Focus equal to Int Mod or something similar.

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    Ah forgot about the cost of the spell. The last game I played that we actually had a resurrection spell available we had reached level 80 (so we just sort of ignored spell components).
    I'm curious what you plan on doing for the circles. Do you plan on doing passive functioning abilities (aura-style?), something more like spells, or something more like invocations?

    And as far as what Tacticus said, I assume not, but it might be a good idea to make PI points per an encounter. Of course that depends on what tier you are aiming for and how powerful circles end up being.
    As I said, I have the first three circles done already: War, Aid, and Mind. War has Blade, Shield, Dagger, Bow, Victory, Defeat, and Endurance as it's concepts. Dagger gives 1d6 SA damage per 2 focus allocated to it, rounded down. Victory gives a bonus to attack rolls for all allies within thirty feet equal to one fifth Focus allocated, rounded down. Aid includes Sanctuary as one of it's concepts, which allows the use of the spell once every ten minutes or so, with CL=Focus. They're varied, but things like that.

    And as I said to Tacitus, I would like to maintain per day PI if possible, for purposes of overall concept. I want them to ration it.
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