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    Yeah, I ran into trouble too, given how picky the system is, it should really have a button to help you roll.

    What I've discovered:
    - have to use [/roll] (forward slash) at the end, not \roll backslash
    - You can only use one bonus: 1d20+6 works, but 1d20+4+2 does not.

    What Maliana discovered:
    - spaces break it too

    So to recap, it looks like it has to be exactly:

    @Al'lan you did say we were a group, that means we know each other on sight from previous introductions (even the new elf)?

    PS - I think I would know Fade and Mal very well, so I would definitely use nicknames for them. Not sure about the others.

    PPS - I also love having maps, I was looking for nice tools to help you quickly generate one for customization, didn't find anything awesome:
    - This site has awesome maps, but you have to register to download full size
    - this one doesn't have enough options, tends to not have enough building size diversity.
    - This one seems too random, and not dense enough
    - This one is much like the last, only with TOO MANY options, and is an installed utility.
    - This java download tool lets you put buildings down and rotate them, but it has a bit of a learning curve, seems to lack random building placement, and is hex based.

    I would think if you are busy, grabbing a map from the first link or rolling the second until you get one close to your vision for the city (and filling it in a little bit) would be best.
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