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    What about this one, seems to have some variety of building size. Mark up some slums, name the noble houses, guild houses, markets and we are good to go.

    I'd be happy to help, I know my way around gimp. Could get rid of the water, or glom together a couple cities if you wanted, add or remove the special roofed buildings, recolor etc. I think the most realistic city would have only a few very wide streets, the rest much narrower, and many blocks would be set closer together, although towards the rich and powerful section of town streets would be wide and buildings set apart.

    On an unrelated note, Selena would have sent her parents at least a couple letters saying she was well, and that she hoped they understood her need to find herself without the family looming over her every decision. (She also would have arranged a bank to repay what she ran off with, along with the first note). She often feels guilty about not writing more, or seeing them, but she is paralyzed with fear about what they might say or do that might make her feel either like a little bad girl again, or like a stranger that was imposing.
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