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    Default Re: [3.5e Base Class] The Conceptualist (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfstone View Post
    Nice. Very clean and well thought out like most of your work. I had a WTF moment before I realized you had a Thinker Level (imagining +50 to attack with War concepts even at level 20 was a bit much). As it is I like it, I think that its going to be tough to divy up all your focus because of so many options, but thats not a bad thing. The class itself is solid, with a good variety of abilities. I love Reinvent the wheel. Made of win.

    Looking forward to the rest of the circles.
    Glad you like it! In the game I'm going to be playing this in, I foresee Focus allocation is going to be a serious point of deliberation for me. So many options to choose from, so few points! And yeah, the Thinker Level bit is pretty important to stop people form dumping everything into a single Concept and going nuts.

    I like how this is shaping up. It is versatile, but not overpowered. I was aiming for a high tier-3 and I think that's what I've achieved here. You can adapt to situations to a degree and are widely useful, but you cannot entirely rechoose your capabilities.

    Oh, and the Self circle is up. Form is the one I'd like specific feedback on. Making balanced shapeshifting is always tricky, but I think I did decently.

    Edit: And what do you think of the DCs for Control and Memory? Intended to make them unreliable at best until higher levels when you have a higher DC. And even then, you can only consistently use it against characters with particularly low saves.
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