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    Default Re: [3.5] A... flavourful base class: The Stoner

    So, this began as an attempt by me and my friend to make a class that united the mechanics of Pact Magic and of Incarnum, which we think are two well-designed and fun mechanics. So, basically, we wanted to make vestiges with essentia. And then our usual wackiness kicked in and we somehow thought that making the class a drug addict would be a good thing. So, yeah. We think it's T2, have fun.

    The Stoner

    Fluff coming soon, as soon as I stop laughing at the thought of having to write some fluff for it.
    Making a Stoner
    Abilities: Charisma determines the save DCs of most of the stoner's abilities. Constitution helps the character improve her abilities and survival chances.
    Races: Halflings were the first acolytes of this class. Its use has spread to many other smaller races such as gnomes, but also to elves. It is not unheard of humans to take levels in this class, too.
    Alignment: Stoners can be of any alignment. The class, however requires a certain open-mindedness, so many stoners usually veer toward chaotic alignments.
    Starting gold: 4d4x10 gp.
    Starting age: as Barbarian.

    Hit Die: d8
    {table=head]Lvl|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|Spices per Day|Max level
    1|+0|+2|+0|+2|Blends, Spices|1|1
    2|+1|+3|+0|+3|Strong lungs|1|1
    3|+1|+3|+1|+3|Blend enrichments|2|1
    5|+2|+4|+1|+4|More flavours (2)|3|2
    7|+3|+5|+2|+5|Bonus feat|5|3
    8|+4|+6|+2|+6|Unleash the smoke|6|3
    9|+4|+6|+3|+6|Lungs of steel|6|3
    10|+5|+7|+3|+7|More flavours (3)|7|4
    12|+6|+8|+4|+8|Bonus feat|9|4
    14|+7|+9|+4|+9|Change of tastes|10|5
    15|+7|+9|+5|+9|More flavours (4)|11|5
    16|+8|+10|+5|+10|Chain smoker|12|5
    17|+8|+10|+5|+10|Bonus feat|12|6
    19|+9|+11|+6|+11|Adamantine lungs|14|6
    20|+10|+12|+6|+12|More flavours (5), smoke tornado|16|6[/table]
    Class skills (4+Int per level): Autohypnosis, Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Heal, Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Local, Nature), Perform (any), Profession, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Survival

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Stoners are proficient with all simple weapons and with light armors (but not shields).

    Blends: At first level, the stoner acquires the ability to craft powerful herb mixtures. Blends provide their benefits only to their creators; if another creature consumes them, she must make a Fortitude save (at the standard DC) to avoid being dazed for 1d4 minutes per stoner level. To gain the benefits of any blends, you need to have one hand free to hold them unless otherwise specified. It takes ten minutes to craft all the blends the Stoner can make, and they last for one day (even if they are not consumed). During the process, the Stoner may add spices to the blends (see below). If not otherwise specified, all abilities have a range fixed at 60 feet. A Blend is a Supernatural ability unless otherwise specified.

    Spices: At first level, a stoner learns to build and maintain a secret stash where she grows spices. She can use the spices to empower his regular blends. As she gains levels, her secret stash increases in size and can accommodate more and better herbs. A stoner can not add to a single blend more spices than her Constitution modifier.

    More flavours (Ex): Starting at fifth level, and then again at 10th, 15th, and 20th level, you can use one more blend simultaneously.

    Strong lungs (Ex): You gain a +2 competence bonus on saving throws against sickening and nauseating effects.

    Blend enrichments (Ex): For every blend you are able to use simultaneously, you can choose to have one of these bonuses. You can select the same effect more than once, and they stack.
    • +2 luck to hit
    • +4 luck damage
    • +2 luck AC
    • +1 luck saving throws
    • +10 luck to all speed modes
    • +1 enhancement to any stat

    Unleash the Smoke (Ex): As a full-round action, you can use up one of your daily blends to gain its Ultimate Power. You may not regain the benefits granted by that blend until the next day (but see the Feat section below). You are still under the normal benefits of the blend while you are using this power.

    Lungs of Steel (Ex): Whenever you would be sickened, you are not. Whenever you would be nauseated, you are considered sickened instead.

    Mistwalker (Su): As a standard action, you can tread on the mist around you, as per the Air Walk spell. The duration is limited to a number of rounds equal to your Con modifier. You can only use this ability while standing on solid ground.

    Change of Tastes: Once per day, the stoner can substitute an active blend for another. This operation takes 10 minutes.

    Chain Smoker (Ex): You gain an extra standard action that you can only use on abilities granted by your blends.

    Adamantine Lungs (Ex): The stoner's lungs become so resilient that they hedge out many harmful effects. You gain immunity to nauseating and sickening effects. You no longer need to breathe air, as long as there is a source of smoke nearby (your blends count for this purpose).

    Smoke Tornado (Ex): Once per day, you can use your Unleash the smoke power simultaneously on all your active blends. The blends are renewed at the start of your next turn.

    Blend list
    1|Howling trip
    2|Pumpkin extract
    2|The Shadow
    3|(Un)Holy smoke
    3|Purple 'shroom
    4|Greensalt powder
    4|Deep voyage dust
    4|Peace calumet
    5|Fighting fog
    5|Brown's mixture
    5|Tea leaves
    6|Cigarette DMC-42
    6|Hookah of the Almighty[/table]

    First level blends
    • Cover: While this blend is active, you gain a +4 shield bonus to AC.
    • Rejuvenation: By concentrating on your blend (a standard action), you gain fast healing equal to the spices mixed. At 7th level, this use requires a move action. At 10th level, it becomes a swift action. At 13th level, you don't need any action anymore.
    • Deflection: You gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to the spices mixed in the blend.
    • Challenging puff: As a standard action, you can force a creature to only target you for one round. The creature can resist this effect with a successful Will save. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.
    • UP: You return to full hit points, and are cured of the following conditions: deaf, shaken, dazzled, fatigued, disease. At 13th level, you are cured of poison, blindness, stun, exhaustion, frightening. At 16th level, you are cured of daze, any ability damage, panic, confusion, polymorph. You can unleash this ability even if there is an adverse condition (such as stunning) that would restrict you from acting.

    Howling Trip
    • Slick moves: The stoner can see handles for moving on normally impossible places, and can use them just fine. You gain a climb and swim speed equal to half of your land speed. You gain a bonus on Tumble checks equal to 3+3 for each spice point you mix in this blend, and you can use this skill untrained. At 7th level, you also gain a fly speed with average maneuverability. At 10th level, the maneuverability improves to good and all speed modes gained are now equal to your land speed. At 13th level, you also gain a burrow speed and can choose to leave a tunnel behind, if you so desire.
    • Slick techniques: At 7th level, you gain the benefits of the Dodge and Mobility feats. At 10th level, you gain the benefit of the Spring Attack feat. At 13th level, you gain the benefit of the Bounding Assault feat.
    • Way of the Hedgehog: Whenever you attack with a light manufactured or other "finessable" weapon, you deal 1d4 bonus sonic damage for each spice you have mixed into the blend At 4th level, this bonus improves to 1d6 per spices mixed. At 10th level, it becomes 1d8. At 16th level, it becomes 1d12.
    • UP: You move quadruple your speed. Every creature you pass through using your Tumble skill takes 1d12 sonic damage per stoner level. Every creature you move near using your Tumble skill takes 1d6 sonic damage per stoner level. A successful Reflex saving throw halves the damage. Creatures who fail the saving throw are also deafened for 1 minute. No creature can be affected by this effect more than once. This ability allows you to move at normal speed while tumbling. You gain a gold piece for every enemy that you drop.

    • Choking aura: You emanate an aura of thick stench with a radius of 20 feet per spices mixed. All enemies in the area must make a Fortitude save every round or be sickened as long as they remain in the area. Exiting and reentering the area forces a new saving throw. The sickening effect cannot stack until 7th level.
    • Stickphlegm: When the stoner says this word, he spits a ball of sticky goo toards a target within his choking aura. This action requires a ranged touch attack. If it hits, the target moves at half speed and suffers a penalty to Dexterity equal to 1d6 plus the amount of spices mixed into the blend (it can't bring the enemy to 0 Dex). This effect allows no saving throw, and lasts one minute. If the target has a source of water in reach, she can free herself of this effect as a full-round action. At 7th level, the stickphlegm can ricochet to another enemy within 30 feet. At 13th level, the stickphlegm hits all targets within 30 feet of the original target. You still have to roll to hit each one of them, and you have a -4 penalty to hit secondary targets.
    • Octopus smoke: As an immediate action, you can blow hot, greasy smoke into the face of an enemy within your choking aura. The target takes a penalty to her attack rolls equal to the amount of spices mixed in the blend, which lasts until the start of your next round. A successful Fortitude save halves this effect.
    • UP: The stoner inspires back all the tar he previously emanated. You deal negative levels equal to the spices mixed into the blend to all enemies who are currently sickened because of your choking aura (duration as the enervation spell). A successful Fortitude save halves the negative levels. For each negative level bestowed, you gain 5 temporary hit points (maximum equal to your normal hit points) that last 1 minute. The negative levels caused by this effect cannot drain a creature to death: a creature can't gain more negative levels from Blacktar than her HD minus 1.

    Second level blends
    Pumpkin extract (cigar)
    • Inspire powers: you may only have one of the three inspire powers active at any time. Switching between them is a standard action. At 10th level, it becomes a move action. At 13th level it becomes a swift action. At 16th, it becomes an immediate action. At 4h, 10th, and 16th level, you are considered to have one more spice mixed in this blend. These additional spices do not count against your cap.
      • Inspire happiness: All allies that can smell your extract gain a morale bonus to attack rolls equal to the spices mixed, and a morale bonus to saving throws equal to half the spices mixed.
      • Inspire power: All allies that can smell your extract gain a morale bonus to damage rolls equal to the spices mixed, and a morale bonus to all opposed checks equal to half the spices mixed.
      • Inspire progression: All allies that can smell your extract gain a morale bonus to skill checks and ability checks equal to half the spices mixed.
    • Hunting high and low: At 13th level, as a swift action, you can increase or decrease the size of a willing creature by one step. At 16th level, you can change up to two sizes. Only one creature may be affected by this ability at any time.
    • Scent rhapsody: You can use the fascinate ability as a bard of your level (the DC is the usual stoner one). At 7th level, you can use the suggestion ability as well. At 19th level, you can use the mass suggestion ability.
    • UP: Every ally that can smell your extract replenishes her energies, as if she had rested for eight hours. This allows spellcasters to regain spells. You can only use this power once every 24 hours. No character may use this ability to circumvent daily limits (such as spellcasting).

    • Trap mastery: You gain the rogue's trapfinding ability and you can substitute the Search check with a stoner level+spice check. You can use the same roll to disable any trap you find. You can never collect the trap.
    • Smoke of revealing: This smoke coalesces in yellow, translucent letters that describe the properties of the target magic item (as the Identify spell). At 7th level, the smoke can show you the way to a specific item (as per the Locate Object spell). At 13th level, it shows invisible or hard to see creatures (as per the Faerie Fire spell, but with a radius equal to 5 feet x spices mixed).
    • Rerolls: you gain a number of rerolls per day equal to the spices you mixed. You cannot use more than one reroll per round.
    • Quaal's lemon: Once per day, you can grow a lemon tree that's 10 feet tall per spices mixed. It must appear on a surface that can support it. The tree fades away after one hour.
    • UP: Every enemy within 20 feet per spice mixed must make a Will save or do nothing but repeat the actions it did in the previous round (As per the Deja Vu psionic power).

    The Shadow
    • Shadowsmoke: You can create shadow images of yourself out of your smoke, as the Mirror Image spell. You can create as many duplicates as the amount of spices mixed. If a duplicate is destroyed, you can recreate it as a move action.
    • Concealing smoke: You gain an enhancement bonus to Hide equal to half your stoner level plus twice the spices mixed.
      Hide everywhere: At 13th you gain Hide in Plain Sight, as the assassin class.
    • Umbral weapon (Su): You can craft any kind of weapon out of your smoke. It is wielded by you when it appears, and it disintegrates if you drop or lose it. It has an enhancement bonus equal to the spices mixed, and you may opt to choose a specific bonus (e.g. Flaming, Holy) in place of the standard bonus. You can make a ranged weapon along with its projectiles if you so desire. The weapon deals its normal damage, plus 1 Strength damage. If you use this ability to create a siege weapon, your first attack roll that hits is an automatic critical hit.
    • Darkness rising (Su): This ability works like the Blacklight spell (SpC 30). You can only have one effect active at any time. This ability is considered to have an effective spell level equal to the spices mixed for the purpose of interacting with other light/darkness effects.
    • UP: You can cause a target to be imprisoned in another dimension, as per the Maze spell. The imprisonment can last a maximum of rounds equal to the spices mixed.

    Third level blends
    (Un)Holy Smoke
    Special: to craft this blend, you need to include a special filter called Diamond Filter, which is made of diamond and costs 1,000 gp. You don't consume this filter unless you use its greater power, see relevant text.
    • (Rebuke)Turn Undead: You gain the Turn/Rebuke Undead class feature, usable 3+spices mixed times a day. You cannot destroy or control undead with this ability.
    • Rastafari Weapon: Any attack you make is considered to have the same alignment you have for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction, regeneration or similar abilities.
    • Influence the mass: The stoner can deliver a rousing speech to the audience by speaking freely about freedom for one minute. Under these circumstances, you gain a competence bonus on Bluff checks equal to twice the spices mixed.
    • Heavenly gift (Su): You can summon a celestial monkey at will. You may only have one at any time. The monkey lasts for one minute. When the monkey dies, it emits a 5 feet burst of positive or negative energy (your choice) equal to spices mixed d6 points of damage +1 per stoner level (Will save for half).
    • A Breeze of Life and Death (Su): You can exhale a 30 feet burst of negative and positive energy. All enemies within this area take spices mixed d6 points of damage +1 per stoner level (Will save for half). All allies are healed spices mixed d6 points of damage +1 per stoner level. You may not heal more creatures than you are harming. Once you have used this ability, you may not do it again until the end of your next round.
    • UP: You can return to life a creature that has not been dead for more than one round per spices mixed. This ability works as the Raise Dead spell, but the creature returns to life with half hit points and is under the effects of a Fly spell (CL equal to stoner level). Moreover, the creature emits light in a 20 feet radius. This ability works normally on monkeys, but it causes them to spontaneously explode one round later. If you use this power to raise anything that is not a monkey, you use up your Diamond Filter.

    Purple 'shroom
    • Fume-shrooms: As a standard action, you can coalesce your smoke into a fume-shroom that lasts one minute. This shroom has hit points equal to your Stoner level, and an AC of 11+your Cha modifier; it can not move and dissipates if it is moved, but it can float. As a move action, once per round, you can command the shroom to shoot a 30 ft. line of purple cloud that deals 3d6 acid damage. For every two Stoner levels above 7th, you create an additional fume-shroom when you use this ability. All shrooms created must be within 5 feet of another. If you create the fume-shrooms a second time while they're still active, the previous ones disappear.
    • Glitterfungus: You can craft a tiny fungus that emits a faint light. The fungus shrieks if a hostile creature enters the area around him (as the Alarm spell). The fungus cannot move and disappears after 12 hours, or if it is moved. At 16th level, as a standard action, you may cause the fungus to inflate, float to the position you desire and subsequently explodonate. Treat the effect as a Scintillating Pattern spell.
    • Infected mushroom: As a standard action, you can touch an enemy to bestow a disease of your choice on him. The initial saving throw DC is equal to your standard DC. At 10th level, you may choose to bestow a poison instead. The poison deals 1d4 Con primary damage plus one point per spices mixed, which is repeated after one minute.
    • UP: You become a spore swarm. This effect works like the Gaseous Form spell.

    This blend is an actual blowpipe. The stoner sets it on fire when she starts using it.
    • Secrets of the Amazons: You can use the blowpipe as a greater blowgun (Complete Warrior 154). You are considered proficient with it, and you only need one hand to use it.
    • Spirit guide: When you start using this blend, you create a Tiny sensor made of smoke. It has half your hit points and an AC of 12 but it can not attack. It has a fly speed equal to your land speed, with perfect maneuverability. You can see, hear and use your other senses through it. The sensor may move up to a distance of 1,000 feet times the spices mixed. You may not replace this sensor until the next day.
    • Avalanche smoke: You can breathe a 120 feet long line that deals 1d6 damage per spices mixed. Every creature included in the area, starting with the closest one, must make a Reflex save or be blown back for 10 feet times the spices mixed. If this movement causes the creature to enter the space of another creature which fails its saving throw, both are hurled back again. When the creatures stop moving, they are prone. This effect causes a real avalanche of enemies.
    • One blow one kill: As a standard action, you can make a single ranged attack. If you hit, you deal double damage. At 13th level, it deals triple damage. At 19th level, it deals quadruple damage.
    • UP: You make a single ranged attack roll against every foe you can see. You have no distance penalties on the attack rolls and if you hit, you deal damage as you would with the One blow one kill ability.

    Fourth level blends
    Greensalt powder
    • Hideous transformation: You gain a +4 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, plus the spices mixed. Your natural armor bonus improves by 2 plus spices mixed. You gain a resistance bonus on Fortitude saves equal to 2 plus spices mixed. You gain a competence bonus to Bluff checks equal to 2 plus spices mixed. You are considered to be one size category smaller when it would be advantageous for you.
    • Pounding blows: Whenever you hit an enemy with a melee attack and deal more than 10 damage, you can immediately follow with a free bull rush or trip attempt. If you choose to bull rush, you do not follow your foe as she is hurled away.
    • Surge of bile: Whenever you do a full-attack action, you may opt to spend a swift action to gain an extra attack. This attack does not stack with haste effects.
    • Tougher than you: As a swift action, whenever you hit and deal damage to an opponent, you can gain damage reduction (2 times spices mixed)/cold iron for one round.
    • Sacrifice the Weak: As a standard action, you can use Forced Share Pain (see XPH) as a supernatural ability.
    • UP: You gain temporary hit points equal to your maximum hit points. These hit points last one minute. You may make one free melee attack, at full BAB, for every two spices mixed. The bonuses granted by this blend remain active through the use of its Ultimate Power.

    Deep voyage dust
    • Heightened movement: You gain the ability to teleport for a distance equal to your land speed as a move action. At 16th level, you may opt to move in this way as a swift action.
    • Hallucinatory visions: You gain blindsense out to a distance equal to 20 feet times the spices mixed, and blindsight for half the distance.
    • Vaporize: You breathe a 30 feet cone as a standard action. Every ally in this area may instantly teleport up to a distance of 10 feet times the spices mixed. Every enemy in the area must make a Will save or be teleported up to the same distance in a location of your choice. Enemies cannot be teleported into locations that cannot support them (See Summon Monster I, PHB 286).
    • Lingering halo: You can use Hallucinatory Terrain at will. You may only have up to one such effect active at any time.
    • UP: You and your allies disappear in a puff of smoke. You may reappear in any smoke area within 10 miles per stoner level, as per the Shadow Walk spell.

    Peace calumet
    • Joint effort: Whenever you use the Aid Another action or assist someone with a skill check, you bestow an extra bonus equal to the spices mixed. Whenever someone helps you, likewise, you gain the same bonus.
    • Talks with wolves: You may charm any single creature. This is a charm, mind-affecting effect that is negated by a Will save. At 13th level, and again at 16th and 19th level, you may charm an additional creature at once.
    • Spirit horse: When friends are around you, they seem to be growing evanescent horse limbs. Every ally that inhales your smoke gains a enhancement bonus to all her speed modes equal to 10 feet times the spices mixed.
    • Geronimo: Your shout pushes opponents away from you and knocks them down. Creatures caught within a 30 feet cone must succeed a special Bull Rush attempt (the stoner's bonus is equal to his stoner level + spices mixed). Creatures who fail this check are pushed back to the edge of the area. At 13th level, they also fall prone. At 16th level, they are also staggered for one round. At 19th level, they are also dazed for one round.
    • Magic umbrella: The clouds of your calumet coalesce above your heads, and it starts to rain. The rain gives you SR equal to 11 plus your stoner level. At 13th, 16th, and 19th level, the spell resistance applies to an additional ally.
    • UP: You dance wildly as you smoke. The rain shortly becomes torrential. An area of 10 feet times spices mixed is washed in antimagic. Treat the whole area as if in an antimagic field. This effect lasts one round per spices mixed.

    Fifth level blends
    Fighting fog
    • Solidity: An area around you with a radius of 5 feet every four stoner levels is filled with dense fog. Every square counts twice for every movement. You and any creatures you craft with this blend are immune to the effect. You may activate and deactivate this ability at will, as a swift action.
    • Coalesce smoke: By spending spices into this blend, you may create one or more smoke elementals. You must invest 1 spice to craft an elemental. Elementals have Hit Dice equal to your stoner level, and they use your Charisma score as their Strength score. It takes one minute to craft an elemental.
      Basic Smoke Elemental (level 13, Cha 20)
      Medium Elemental (Air)
      HD: 13d8+13 (71 hp)
      AC: 23 (+13 Deflection), Touch 23, Flat-footed 23
      BAB/Grp: 9/+14
      Attack: Slam +14 (1d8+5)
      Full Attack: 2 slams +14 (1d8+5)
      Special Attacks: Fists of Smoke
      Special Qualities: Armor of Smoke, DR 5/-, Spice Investment
      Saves: Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +4
      Abilities: Str 20, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 10
      Armor of smoke (Su): A Smoke Elemental has a deflection bonus to AC equal to its Hit Dice.
      Spice Investment (Su): When you create a Smoke Elemental, you may invest a number of Spice into it, granting you a number of points with which you may increase its abilities. You may only spend these points while you are creating an elemental, and you cannot spend more points on abilities of a given tier than the amount of points that you spent on any one level of a lower tier. Unless specified otherwise, you may not pick an ability multiple times; each ability chosen also increases the number of HD that a Smoke Elemental has by 1.
      Tier I:
      • One of your Elemental's physical ability scores increases by 6; unlike other Spice Investment abilities, this one may be chosen multiple times, each time increasing a different ability score.
      • Your Elemental's DR/- increases by 5.
      • Your elemental receives a +4 enhancement bonus to Saves.
      • Your elemental gains a +5 Dodge bonus to AC.

      Tier II:
      • If your elemental hits an enemy with any natural attack, they may make a trip attempt without having to make a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent can't react to trip the elemental.
      • Your elemental gains two claw attacks as secondary natural weapons; they do 1d8 damage for a Medium elemental. Alternatively, you may choose to choose this ability as primary natural weapons; in which case, they replace the elemental's slam attack.
      • Your elemental's slam attack becomes a bite attack, dealing 2d6 damage for a medium elemental.
      • Your elemental gains the Trample special ability; this cannot be chosen if your elemental has a Bite attack or Claw attack.
      • You elemental gains the Improved Grab ability.
      • Your elemental becomes Large size.
      • Your elemental becomes Small size

      Tier III:
      • Your elemental gains the Pounce ability
      • Your Elemental gains a 50' fly speed with Good maneuverability
      • Your Elemental is affected by a permanent Freedom of Movement effect, as cast by a sorcerer with a CL equal to the Elemental's HD.
      • Your Elemental is affected by a permanent Displacement effect, as cast by a sorcerer with a CL equal to the Elemental's HD.
      • The reach on all of your Elemental's natural weapons increases by 10'.

      Tier IV:
      • Your Elemental is affected by a permanent Greater Invisibility effect, as cast by a sorcerer with a CL equal to the Elemental's HD.
      • Your elemental increases in size to Huge size.
      • Your elemental decreases in size to Tiny size.
      • One of your elemental's physical ability scores increases by 12. Unlike other abilities, this one may be selected multiple times, each time increasing a different ability score.
      • Each time your elemental successfully deals damage with a natural attack, the creature they struck receives one negative level; after 24 hours, they must must make a Fort save against a DC of (10+your Charisma modifier+the number of Spices invested in the elemental) or instead lose a level.

      Fists of Smoke (Su): When you first activate Fighting Fog each day, you may choose one of the following abilities, which affects all of your elementals.
      • Hellpunches: Damage dealt by your elementals is fire damage and has an extra 1d6 points of damage for every two spices mixed.
      • Darkpunches: The elementals blind their targets the first time they hit every turn. This effect lasts 1 round and can be negated by a Fortitude save against a DC of (10+your Charisma modifier+the number of Spices invested in the elemental.)
      • Suckerpunches: Whenever you are hit by a foe, any elementals in reach of the attacker can make a sudden attack against him, after the attack is resolved.
    • UP: All the elementals explodonate. The effect of this Ultimate Power depends on the "punch" variant active at the time. The elementals may not move or be repositioned in the round you use this ability. No creature can be affected by this UP more than once per day.
      • Hellpunches: every elemental busts into hellfire. Its explosion covers all the area it could reach, and deals 5 untyped and 5 fire damage per Stoner level (Reflex half). No creature can be affected by this ability more than once. The affected surfaces remain on fire for 24 hours, dealing 1d6 plus stoner level hellfire damage to all creatures who enter the area.
      • Darkpunches: draw all possible lines between all elementals and you. Every foe caught in one of these lines takes a penalty of 8 points to each ability score (minimum 1, Reflex half). This penalty lasts one minute.
      • Suckerpunches: every elemental makes a full attack against each foe you threaten.

    Brown's mixture
    • Stochastics: You blow some smoke at one enemy as an immediate action. This smoke defies physics laws, changing the direction the enemy starts moving in. The enemy makes a Reflex save. On success, nothing happens and the enemy moves in the intended direction. On failure, the enemy can't move but is instead thrown in a random direction (roll 1d8) for a number of feet equal to the enemy's move speed, or until it cannot move anymore (due to an obstacle, for example).
    • Entropy battery: As a standard action, you can remove a number of adjacent 5 ft cubes of nonliving solid matter from their location, storing them on an extradimensional space in your blend. You can retrieve them as a move action, every cube in a location you desire within 30 feet. The maximum number of cubes you can store and retrieve is equal to the spices mixed.
    • Spell conductor: As an immediate action a number of times per day equal to the spices mixed, when a magic user attempts to cast a spell (or the equivalent of), you may redirect the effect. Make a level check against a DC of 11+CL. You gain a bonus to this check equal to the spices invested. If you are successful, the target of the magic becomes anyone you choose. If the target is not valid (such as the case of Personal range spells), the magic simply fails.
    • UP: An area of 1 mile around you is in wild magic for 1 round per spices invested.

    Tea leaves
    • Ghostly granny: This ability works just like the Spirit guide ability of the Blowpipe. If you mix two spices, the sensor can also duplicate the effects of Clairvoyance/Clairaudience. If you mix three, it can also replicate the effect of Psionic Scry. If you mix four, it can replicate Prying Eyes. If you mix six, any sensor you have is treated as having True Seeing.
    • Bill's compass: You can replicate the effect of a Locate Creature spell. If you mix 4 spices, you can also mimic Find the Path.
    • Space rainbow: For each spice mixed, you gain 10% concealment. You may never have more than 50% concealment. This is an illusion effect, and as such it can be negated by True Seeing and similar effects.
    • Elephant hide: You gain an insight bonus to AC equal to the spices mixed.
    • Potion of superiority: Every weapon you use is considered to have the Bane property against any enemy you encounter.
    • UP: You gain the benefits of a feat of your choice for 24 hours. You must meet the prerequisites for this feat.

    Sixth level blends
    Cigarette DMC-42
    • Temporal throttle: Once per day for each spice mixed, you make reality go faster for you and your allies. Every round for five rounds, every ally gains a cumulative +1 to attack rolls, AC, Reflex saves, and one more attack whenever they do a full attack (max 5). These benefits don't stack with Haste and similar effects.
    • Temporal brakes: Once per day for each spice mixed, you slow reality for your enemies. The first round, enemies must make a Will save or lose their swift actions for that round. The second round, they must save or lose their swift and move actions. The third round, they must save or lose their standard actions. The fourth round, they must save or lose their swift, move, and standard actions. The fifth round, they must save or be paralyzed for 1 round.
    • Gear change: Once per day for each spice mixed, for five rounds, you may gain the benefits of a single magic item of your choice. There are, however, the following restrictions: the item must not cost more than your most expensive item, and the item must not be expendable or have charges; at the end of the five rounds, any ongoing effect caused by this item vanishes.
    • Wheel of time: Once per day, you may stop time (as the Time Stop spell) for a number of effective rounds equal to the spices mixed.
    • UP: Time goes back one round, as per the Time Regression power.

    • Bamboo Matrix: In a volume with a radius of 20 feet per spices mixed, the space effectively becomes two-dimensional. Everything is shifted to the same altitude of the stoner, on a plane perpendicular to the stoner's gravity. This negates burrow and fly abilities, and renders any obstacle such as a wall, or a fog, useless. Creatures within the Bamboo Matrix may share the same space without penalty, and movement in the area does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You may suppress and reactivate this ability as a free action once per round.
    • Breeze Knight: You gain a bonus on Initiative checks equal to the spices mixed.
    • Oblivion Icarus: You may emulate the power of the Gate spell. You don't ever pay XP, but if you would have, then you have to burn a special offering made of regular potatoes, worth 5,000 gp. One potato weighs 1 lb. and is worth 1 cp. The DM may, at his option, allow a discount on the potato price. This has the only effect of requiring even more potatoes to complete the ritual.
    • Blackmarsh Signature: You may force two souls to switch bodies. This effect works similarly to the Mind Switch power, and has a duration equal to the spices mixed in rounds.
    • Mountain Filth: Roll all the dice. The d20 is used for a ranged touch attack roll against an enemy; the d4 represents the effect bestowed on your enemy.
      {table=head]Number Rolled|Effect
      1|1d6 Str penalty, 1d8 Dex penalty, 1d12 Con penalty, 1d100: 25% chance of daze
      2|1d6 Int penalty, 1d8 Wis penalty, 1d12 Cha penalty, 1d100: 75% of confusion
      3|1d6 negative levels, 1d8 penalty to checks, 1d12 penalty to AC, 1d100 damage
      4|1d6 temporary HP, 1d8 as prismatic spray, 1d12x5 penalty to all speed modes, 1d100 polymorph (use reincarnate table)[/table]
      The effects based on the d100 last 1 round, while the others (if not resolved instantaneously) last 1 minute.
    • UP: You may choose other blends, and reallocate your spices, instantly. If you do so, you may craft one less blend than the amount you have active now. Blends exhausted because their UP has already been used are not considered active. Any spices in the Mindcopter blend are lost.

    Hookah of the Almighty
    • Facets of the Six: You may select one ability from the following table if you invest one Spice into this Blend; at 3 Spice invested, and every 3 Spice invested after that, you gain one additional ability from the following list:
    • Chant of blood: Immunity to fire damage, death effects, and stunning.
    • Chant of freedom: Immunity to electricity damage, mind-affecting abilities and prismatic effects.
    • Chant of darkness: Immunity to cold damage, critical hits, sneak attacks, aligned spells, and polymorph.
    • Chant of renewal: Immunity to acid damage, poison, disease, and SR (15+Stoner level).
    • Chant of glory: Immunity to force effects, negative energy effects, ability damage and ability drain.
    • Chant of truth: Immunity to sonic damage, divinations, blindness, deafness.
  2. Charred blessing: Pour in your hookah a mixture of herbs that costs 100 gp. Smoke the hookah for two days straight. After that, the next time you would die, you are instead teleported to your hookah, and your body reforms from its smoke. If at any time you stop having the Hookah as one of your active blends, you lose the benefits of this ability.
  3. Power Word Infuse (Ex): Target one creature per two spices mixed. If the creature has more than 100 hp, its hp are halved. If it has less than 100 hp, it is healed twice its current hp. If you are within an antimagic area and you successfully damage a creature, you heal the damage you did.
  4. UP: By the power of thy hookah, you are able to empty it all at once. A god of your choice sees this, and grants you a Miracle as an award. You have the same limitations as normal, and you must pay the regular XP cost if it's needed.


Feats, Races, and Items coming soon.

It is done.

Re-doing the Smoke Elemental was a pain, let me tell you...

Now, for a man (or woman, or genderless being) better than I to actually PEACH it!
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