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It is done.

Re-doing the Smoke Elemental was a pain, let me tell you...

Now, for a man (or woman, or genderless being) better than I to actually PEACH it!
When you quote something, you don't get quotes in that quote, so you can't quote while you quote.

What I mean to say is, since you put your formatting in a quotebox, he won't be able to get it and put it up. Spoiler it instead.

Either way, I'm loving it. Silly-serious classes are kinda my thing, so you're getting two thumbs up for me. I can't see how this class could not be used in a serious game.

On the sixth-level Cigarette DMC-42's Temporal Throttle ability though: perhaps it would be better to say it does not stack with Haste, Snap Kick and the like, rather than saying it allows for a maximum of 5 attacks. Fits in with existing rules better and does just about the same thing (except 5 attacks maximum would actually nerf TWFers).