Okay. First off, awesome. I am so very amused that you did this and made it work.

Why half bab? I'd give it 3/4 I think, since quite a few blends make attacking look good.

How many spices do you have? It says you can use up to con mod at once, but not how many you have. Level? Level+con mod?

More Flavours: You never actually said you can only use one blend at a time. You may want to put that in the Blend description.

Blend Enrichments: Why luck? Why not Alchemy? it seems to fit best. Also I'm noticing your pronouns are inconsistent. You, he, and she.

On Mistwalker... why does it only work when you start on solid ground? Maybe have it work as long as you're not moving, to stop you using it as feather fall, but walking out of a river seems awesome.

Have Howling Trip grant perfect maneouverability at high levels. It's so much easier! Plus shiny.

Why does the lemon tree have to go away? Why not just leave lemon trees everywhere?

Shadowsmoke seems strong! Mirror images are /nasty/, and having them replenish is... eek.

Umbral Weapon mentions siege weapons and automatic crits? Both of those look strong, and might need more clarification for a balance call.

Diamond Filter. Whut?

Does Deep Voyage dust have a limit on number of allies?

I feel like Gear Change should scale with your level, rather than your equipment-as is it's UP if you have lots of minor stuff, and OP for one big thing. Plus what if the DM drops you a mcguffin?

The rest is mostly clarifications that would make me seem like a pedant. I love it, I'd allow it with minor changes at most.