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Thread: Starcraft 2: 8 Medivac drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuReshtin View Post
    Got the game installed last night. Then had to wait for the patching to get done, which took a while, and in the mean time i got bored waiting for it and sat in front of the tv for a while, and ended up not gettign back to the computer until about 1:30am.. Just enough time to start up the game and watch the intro, only to then shut it down and go to bed.

    I'll try to get a game or two in this evening.
    Anyone on the EU server that want to kick my ass?
    I'm game. I really need to start playing proper 1v1's again.

    Edit: I'd also be up for monobattling on US this weekend if I get the time. I've gotten quite good with Queens, Hellions and Sentries. I like a challenge.
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