I'd like to make sure that everyone knows that all information, ideas, and statistics that are now or will ever be posted in this thread by me are my intellectual property which I wish to eventually publish. My copyright savvy friend has said that saying that, I can give a snippet or two of my worldbuilding.

The end of the creation story/intro:

//October 17, 2242 AD, 8:25pm

//I feel it correct that now, after all this time, that I look and comment.
//I never believed our little basement project would become this.
//0 was more like me than I had ever thought possible.
//The world he created is the world I wished created.
//It is what we set out to make.
//A world of heroism, adventure, idealism, creativity and intelligence.
//My world.
//Our world.
//Their time is different than ours. I now have a glimmer of understanding into what 0 said.
//I, with my new viewing engine, can view the entire history of this world.
//All of it.
//And it has no end.
//The computations for the furthest reach of their timeline stretches beyond what could have been achieved in the time since its beginning.
//I have no idea how this is possible.
//Perhaps the world is itself no longer just a simulation.
//Perhaps it is a true universe unto itself.
//I am but a passive viewer, watching the eternities scroll past.
//I haven't even seen the first turning of the True Cycle.
//I wish to, before I die.
//0 now orbits this world like a great sun, giving life to all.
//He seems to have accumulated Fourth during his life, much more than the little bit we first gave him.
//I still don't understand that stuff.
//I doubt I ever will.
//So for now, I will wait.
//And watch.

-End Log-

That whole thing is something like 8 pages long, and explains quite a deal. I'm now feeling more confident about my stastical framework, and I'm moving on to actual character design. Feeling good about this world/game of mine.