Ilpholin's Office - Shayan

"How very sterile and functional. I have no questions, only the hopes that my background and abilities will be sufficient to intrigue you, and secure my entry." Shayan brings the form to her hand with a carefully manipulated tendril and begins filling it out, assuming a pen is provided.

Name: Shayan Vermoss
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Species: Human/Plant hybrid
Profession: Botanist, Amateur Biochemist.
Reason for joining AMEN: To be with those of like minds, and use the resources this organisation could provide to further my goals unobtrusively.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: The ability to create pseudo-undead creatures which follow commands by changes in olfactory signals I emit, a musk which pacifies those who are exposed to it and makes them extremely susceptible to suggestion, and my loyalty.
References (Victims preferred): An entire park worth of plebeians I subjugated and turned into willing slaves during an experiment. Some of them may have recovered from that state, if the experiment proved a success, in which case you could interview them I'm sure.
Past Experience: Turning small villages into vine-covered ghost towns out of spite and curiosity by seeding zombies in their midst and waiting for them to spread my gift. A very low risk strategy that has served me well so far.
Other Information:As you will no doubt find out soon enough, my legs are nearly nonfunctional, and largely vestigial. Were it not for my regeneration I would have had them amputated to save on weight, but such an operation would be pointless in my current condition. I'm perfectly capable of locomotion without them, and I do not foresee their lack of functionality being an issue.

Shayan then slides it back across the desk to Ilpholin, and awaits her reaction.