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    The ceremony ends and the 3 petitioners are bought back to their quarters. The temple close and Maesyn goes back to the Wyvern Watch Inn where he is joined by Marlae.

    The next two days go like the previous one. Maesyn does not gather much information indicating foul play. Marlae goes providing goodness cleric duties to earn her keep.

    The three petitioners are sent in the morning to wash themselves. Zarien repeats his trick. After that, they put on new robes and wait. And Wait. Guards are fed at noon but no them. At 6:00 PM, enough food and water for one is brought and they have to share. All are fatigued by the lack of food and water.
    After the light dinner, it is prayer time and when the stars come out, it is the same ceremony with the same silent image trick.

    Day 3 of the ritual is the same except that the 3 petitioners are close to exhaustion. Except that after the nightly ceremony is over, Aust, Savin and Zarien are brought to the middle temple and Shan Thar inspects. He looks at the 3 heroes and smiles. “You are finally ready. Let’s see if you can earn Mystra’s Sacred Trust!

    The guards lead them through the north door inside the inner temple. Shan Thar does not follow them. Slabs of obsidian line the floor, walls, and high ceiling of this room. Two thick, square columns each hold a single blazing torch on their west face. This arrangement provides uneven light to the front of the temple, but leaves the temple’s further recesses in shadowy darkness, especially the two large stone figures set in the rearmost alcoves. Also poorly lit is a dark stone altar set forward from the statues but behind the direct light offered by the pillars.

    The torches dim in unison. Two warriors in banded mail slide from the shadows, one from each edge of the chamber. They appear somehow distorted-shadowed and colorless. These two guards look different from the ones the 3 petitioners have seen in the courtyard or the middle temple.

    Fembrys is standing there and asks all petitioners to assemble in the area between the two pillars and in front of (to the west of) the altar.
    Once they are assembled, Fembrys intones, "Prepare yourselves to receive the Sacred Trust. You are about to look upon the Starry Gnosis, All your questions are soon to be answered."

    Fembrys goes behind the altar and unlocks a secret compartment in the altar. He pulls out the Starry Gnosis-a black globe, like a crystal ball gone dark-and holds it for all present to view. It is a grapefruit-sized crystal sphere with a dark inner heart. No light can pierce it, but tiny points of light, like stars, twinkle within the globe at the periphery of the dark core,

    He says “Knowledge lies between the stars” and a smile appears on his face as the dark globe starts shining.

    For Aust, Savin and Zarien
    Please roll 4 will save with -5 penalty. Stop if you meet of beat the DC of 16. Good luck Gents.

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