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Thread: Giants a 3.5 experience (IC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Scott View Post
    There is a large boulder adequate for all of you to stand behind and have complete concealment 30 feet from the both of them.
    Alright, then I guess we all followed Vitris and hid behind a boulder.
    Knowledge (the planes) (1d20+21)[27]

    When his surprise action comes, the stone takes a 5 ft step out from behind the boulder. (Honestly he was invisible, so he may not of even been behind it). As a standard action he casts arcane fusion and therefore casts true casting and then an empowered maximized enervation.

    Ranged touch at the pit fiend (1d20+25)[40]
    Spell resistance check (1d20+27)[38]

    If he hits and gets through, the pit fiend takes 8 negative levels.

    The stone draws his sword, adapts a stance (as a free action) that gives opponents a +4 to hit him, but they provoke AoO's. He then raises out his arm, till it is pointed at the pit fiend with his open palm up. A motion is then made, taunting the pit fiend to come closer. "Bring it"

    Is it a unfair house rule to say cohorts do not go on surprise rounds?
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