One day, after returning from his excursion into Threshold, Talsarios goes and finds Brandon where he can talk without being overheard. Seeing the young man out of armour and relaxed in his comfortable home, and thinking back to the times he overcame obvious fear to fight on in the keep, he's come to understand - or at least believe he understands - the man's hidden virtues.

"Brandon," the Thyatian begins, "I really appreciate you allowing me to stay here with you and your family. I've been able to stop and think and consider my options for the first time since - " (Talsarios glances briefly away to see who might be in ear-shot) " - since my party's misfortune. So I believe I'd rather like to explore the world further, turning my studies to more practical ends - and find whatever fortune I might gain by doing so." He smiles, a little sadly at first, then with a nod, his determination wins through.
"So, what do you plan to do next? Are you obliged to wait on Lord Bost's commands, or shall we seek out our own adventure?"