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Knowledge (the planes) [roll0]

Ranged touch at the pit fiend [roll1]
Spell resistance check [roll2]

If he hits and gets through, the pit fiend takes 8 negative levels.

Is it a unfair house rule to say cohorts do not go on surprise rounds?

You can tell that this cavern... doesn't belong here, it looks like it should be in one of the layers of hell.

You hit the Pitfiend and surpass its spell resistance.

I see no problem with cohorts also, participating in the surprise round...

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Vitis get's max initiative (34 count).

Vitis Darts forward invisible, lancing the Demon with a beam from his cannon, which then arcs to the Dragon.
18 Dex damage
[roll0] vs touch flat footed AC. as a Ranged Attack.
Maximized Ranged shivering touch. Chain to dragon, for 9 Dex damage
Well... the dragon and Pitfiend are actually quite annoyed.