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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    PONIES in the Playground... PONYLAND


    That's it, I yield. All Hail the Mighty Ponies.

    You have my eternal gratitude for a Darkpony Duck(from the Darkwing Duck episode Time and Punishment. Watch it, enjoy remembering your childhood).

    Reference pics

    Gender male
    Type Earth pony
    Coat color white
    Mane color and style err... whatever artist thinks works best
    Eye color glowing red, no pupils
    Cutie mark a hangman's noose. Since he's covered with clothing and armor everywhere but the face just put it on the purple clothes instead
    Pose standing still, looking down judgingly
    Expressions judging, malevolent sneer, like he just caught you jaywalking
    Accessories or costumes as in pics. Would prefer the damaged hat from pic 4
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