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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    Well, time to welcome our new pony overlords. Really, if I'm now a Fluttershy in the Playground, (SO AWESOME!) then I guess there's no reason to resist any longer: I'd kinda like to have a ponyfied version of my actual avatar. Pretty please?

    Not for me, of course. It's. . . ah. . . for a friend, yes. A friend that just happens to use my save avatar. He lives in Antarctica, you wouldn't know him.

    Sooo. . . yeah. I'd. . . I mean, HE'd like a brown earth pony with a book as his. . . cutie mark, is it? I'm not sure, since of course I'm unfamiliar with this particular show.

    Yes, that will do: nobody suspects a thing. Dandria, you're truly a master of misdirection.
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