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Thread: New Race [DnD 3.5]

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    Default New Race [DnD 3.5]

    V'K'kraan'ck (Vehk-Kra-aan-check)


    "Vile, disgusting, selfish cowards. But back them to a wall and you had better run for your life.." Elliuen Elf Ranger after escaping from the V'K'kraan'ck.

    Racial Attributes
    They are strong and intelligent but lack grace and staying power.

    Strength +2
    Dexterity -2
    Intelligence +2
    Charisma -2

    Size: Medium
    Alignment: Always non-good, non-chaotic.

    Incarnum attuned: +2 bonus points of essentia.
    Martial Focus: You can only learn maneuvers from Iron Heart, Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon. If a class you have does not have these on it's list then these are added.
    Lowlight Vision: (See Core)
    Eternal Hunger: V'K'kraan'ck must eat twice as much food as normal.

    Favorite Class: Nik'tch Master

    RHD: 2 (see below in classes sections)
    LA: +0


    None really yet...


    V'K'kraan'ck Ancient One [Template]

    Requirement: May only be added to a corporeal living V'K'kraan'ck. Only five at a time may have this template. In order to gain it a V'K'kraan'ck must slay an ancient one and claim it.

    Size and Type: Unchanged.

    Hit Dice: All hit dice from class levels and racial hit dice increase to D10s.

    Speed: Same

    Armor Class: Gain deflection bonus equal to half HD + Inteliigence bonus.

    Attack: No change.

    Special Attacks:

    Energy Drain (Su): An ancient one may make a touch attack that deals 1D4+1 points of intelligence drain. The ancient one heals 5 HP per point of Intelligence drained in this way. Excess HP are wasted.
    The energy drain from this bypasses all immunity to energy drain and ability score damage.

    Create Spawn (Su): Any non-V'K'kraan'ck living creature reduced to 0 by the ancient one's energy may be turned into a permanent Incarnum Zombie by the ancient one expending 1 Incarnum point per HD of the drained creature. This Zombie remains under the control of that ancient one and does not count toward normal incarnum zombie control limit. However only 2x(HD+Intelligence bonus) of these zombie spawn may be controlled at any time.

    Special Qualities

    Damage Reduction (Su): An ancient one has DR X/Mithral where X = Intelligence bonus +1.

    Resistances (Ex): Resistance 10 Fire and Electricity.

    Dark Vision (Su): Ancient ones gain dark vision 120' even through magical darkness.

    Ageless (Ex): Ancient ones cannot die of old age and do not suffer aging penalties.

    Perfect Health (Ex): Ancient ones are immune to all poisons and disease. Natural and magical.

    Sleepy (Ex): An Ancient one can only remain awake for 1 day per point of intelligence score he has drained. He must sleep for 7 days at the end of each month regardless. This sleep is automatic and cannot be resisted.

    Alternative food supply (Ex): An Ancient one does not require normal food for 1 day per point of intelligence bonus he has drained.

    Breathless (Ex): An Ancient one is not required to breath for 1 day per point of intelligence bonus he has drained.

    Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +2, Con +2, Int +4, Wis +2, Cha +2.

    +4 racial bonus to sense motive, spot and listen checks.

    Ancient Ones gain Iron Will, Endurance, Diehard, Toughness and Great Fortitude as bonus feats.

    Challenge Rating
    Same as the base creature +3.

    Always Lawful Evil. (except one particular case)

    By character class.

    Level Adjustment
    -- (Cannot be taken and makes no adjustment if earned)


    I'kaanak'ck The Hallowed Ancient One

    V'K'kraan'ck Ancient One
    Nik'tch Master 4/Warmage 3/Soulcaster 3/Sanctified Creature 2/Soulcaster +3/Saint 2/Soulcaster +3

    Size and Type: Medium V'K'kraan'ck [OUTSIDER]

    CR: 26
    HD: 20D10+180
    HP: 280
    AC: 40 (10 + Natural 2 + Dexterity 1 + Wisdom 5 + Intelligence Deflection 9 + Exalted Deflection 3 + Exalted 10) T: 40 F: 34
    DR: 10/Evil or 19/Mithral
    BAB: +7/+1
    Attack: Nik'tch Courtblade (see below) +19/+13
    Saves: Fort +19 Ref +18 Will +26
    Ability Scores: STR: 24, Dex: 13, Con: 22, Int: 28, Wis: 20, Cha: 14
    Special Attacks: Good aligned attacks, Holy Power, Holy Touch, Light Ray (10D6), Energy Drain, Create Spawn
    Special Qualities: Fast Healing 10, Immune-cold, acid, electricity and petrification. Lowlight Vision, Darkvision 120', Magical Darkvision, Protective Aura, Tongues, Aura of menace, Magic Circle against evil, Resistance Fire 15, Sonic 15, Ageless, Perfect health, Sleepy, True seeing, Regeneration 1, Freedom of movement, Greater sustenance, Mind shielding, Sustenance, Endure Elements, Mettle
    Feats: Magical Aptitude, Item Familiar, Incarnum Spellshaping, Iron Will, Endurance, Diehard, Toughness, Great Fortitude, V'K'kraan'ck Preparation, V'K'kraan'ck Perfection, Stone Power, Cobalt Power, Soul of the Courtblade, Heart of the Courtblade, Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty <others to be added>

    Items <sword to be done later - no other items>


    Arcane Spells:




    V'K'kraan'ck Preparation [RACIAL]:
    Pre-requisites: Race-V'K'kraan'ck
    Benefits: Use Intelligence bonus instead of Constitution bonus for Concentration checks.

    V'K'kraan'ck Perfection [RACIAL]:
    Pre-requisites: V'K'kraan'ck Preparation, Great Fortitude
    Benefits: Use Intelligence bonus instead of Constitution bonus for Fortitude Saves.

    V'K'kraan'ck Glare [RACIAL]:
    Pre-requisites: Unnerving Calm, Race-V'K'kraan'ck
    Benefits: +4 on Concentration checks for Maneuvers or Duel of wills.

    Forge Nik'tch Courtblade [GENERAL]:
    Pre-requisites: Skill Focus (Craft-Weaponsmithing), Craft(Stonesmithing) 5+, Craft(Weaponsmithing) 10+, Knowledge(local - V'K'kraan'ck) or Race-V'K'kraan'ck
    Benefits: You may craft Nik'tch Courtblade's. These MUST be of masterwork quality.

    Soul of the Courtblade [INCARNUM]:
    Pre-requisites: Cobalt Power, Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Nik'tch Courtblade), Strength 15+
    Benefits: 1 Essentia invested in Cobalt Power may be spent as a move action to increase the damage dealt by the next successful hit made by the courtblade by 1 dice (+1D8 for medium). The spent essentia cannot be recovered until the following day as normal.
    You gain 1 point of Essentia.

    Heart of the Courtblade [INCARNUM]:
    Pre-requisites: Soul of the Courtblade, Stone Power
    Benefits: 1 Essentia invested in Cobalt Power may be spent as a move action to recover 1 Maneuver instantly.The spent essentia cannot be recovered until the following day as normal.
    You gain 1 point of Essentia.


    {table="head"]Exotic Weapons | Cost | Dmg (S) | Dmg (M) | Dmg (L) | Critical | Range Increment | Weight | Type
    Nik'tch Courtblade | 350gp | 1D10 | 2D8 | 3D8 | 18-20/x3 | na | 9lb | Slashing

    Nik'tch Courtblade:
    A Nik'tch Courtblade is a massive blade made for battle and dueling capable of slicing through most armor and even stone. Anyone wielding the blade needs a minimum strength of 13 as well as the Exotic Weapon Proficiency to use the blade without penalty. In addition anyone with the Power Attack feat counts as having the Cleave Feat while using it and receive +2 on sunder attempts.
    Nik'tch Courtblade's are always of masterwork quality. They can only be made by a craftsman with the Forge Nik'tch Courtblade feat.

    A Nik'tch Courtblade is a racial weapon for the V'K'kraan'ck race. They count as having the Exotic Weapon feat for the weapon.
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