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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    List of Incomplete Requests:
    • Rush the Cat: Karin pony
    • Rush the Cat: Maria pony (update to posts)
    • Crisis21: Two flutter ponies
    •Kellus: Mutated pony
    • Crukul: Earth pony
    • NEO|Phyte: Space Marine pony (requested of Dirtytabs)
    • Kris Strife: Travis Touchdown pony
    • Kris Strife: Laharl pony
    • Kris Strife: Adell pony
    • Kris Strife: Almaz Almadine von Adamant
    • DukeGod: Earth pony
    •Tychris1: Pegasus pony
    • Tobimaro: Unicorn pony
    •Alex Star: Earth pony
    •Koda the kobold: Fix the current avatar
    •Dark Elf Bard: Earth pony
    • Tectonic Robot: Earth pony
    •Wyvern Lord: Earth pony
    •Pokemon-freak89: Centaur (requested of Akrim.elf)
    •Selpharia: Earth pony
    •Luka: Pegasus pony
    •docanthrax: Presumably earth
    •DaOldeWolf: Unicorn pony and earth pony
    •AvianMalkavian: Earth pony
    •Kato: Sort of earth pony
    •Lateral: Earth ponies (either)
    • SolarPonyDjango: Sonic characters
    •TheFallenOne: Earth pony
    •Mike_The_Mystic: Pony of current avatar
    •ScrambledBrains: Ponies of Guilmon, Ishida, and Sado AH HA HA HA I recognize all three!
    •Ravian: Unicorn pony
    •Dark Elf Bard: Earth pony
    •kd7sov: Current avatar as a human chatting with Twilight
    Silverraptor: Avatar as pony, show's style
    Guest#1: Unicorn pony
    Scarlet-Devil: Avatar as pony
    CrnivorousMeece: Earth pony

    You should post it here, KodatheKobold! :0

    Hm, well, I'm not a good critic but I know the ponies tend to have pretty big eyes.

    That image is not the best example, but it shows that Twilight's eyes take up a lot of her face. (Which is why it can be really difficult to honor some requests that ask for eyewear on their ponies.) So that might be what the comments are pointing at. See if that helps. :)
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