"Unreasonable?" Talsarios exclaims. "I think not. Listen, our best chance in there was to press the attack during daylight. Goblins hate the sun. Picking off a few and retreating was only making us vulnerable - we're mostly night-blind in camp, and they see in the dark and are stealthy, especially bugbears...
"Of course, I'm sorry if I pushed you a little too hard, but it was for the best. You're braver and tougher than you think, Brandon."

From the certain and somewhat patronising look on his face as he pats the fighter on the shoulder, Talsarios seems to think he's giving sage advice and expounding infallible wisdom.

"So, shall we find the others and see what they're planning, and if Lord Bost has anything for us to do, then?" he asks, as if there was no doubt.