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Less busy, more...looking for direction. I'm just not sure what to add to the conversation.

Um...is there some sort of official membership to Mindworship? Like an organized body or a temple in Revien?
First, I've been looking for an alternate name for that since before Zap mentioned the Rectorum in his American Mythology project.

Second, there is in fact a grand cathedral in Revien, known to all as the Noreun. Smaller towns in all four kingdoms have similar churches, but the only temples in the elemental cities are those dedicated to the Mind of the city. It is rumored that there is a secret passage between the Noreun and the major temple of each elemental city, but the existence of such a connection has never been proven. The Noreun itself has a central figure not unlike the pope, (who needs a name for his title as well), with priests dispatched to smaller churches as needed. The pope-analogue also acts as Revien's president, with a Senate of delegates from each district of Revien acting as advisers and checking his secular power.

Third, did no one notice the secret message in that post? Or, if you found it, consider it worth a mention?