Brandon Bor

Brandon glances down at the half-drawn sword with contempt. He hisses, keeping his voice down.

"Not your bravery, sir, just your sense and ability to assess risk. And once again you show a real dearth of it."

"Not only do you want to slay goblins without resting, when we were all half-dead, but you also play at drawing steel here? Are you insane? You must keep your brains in your scabbard."

"And the only reason why I didn't join Gregorias in death is that Stefan got to me in time and stanched my wounds. It is only by his quickness and the grace of the Immortals that I survived the battles after, and I have no wish to test their forbearance again anytime soon."

He takes a step forward, not seeming intimidated at all.

"Now sheath that sword completely and go apologize to my mother, the mistress of this house."