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    Yes, yes, I know. Just wanted to make sure those positions were acceptable. Also, here's my wanderer. Sorry if he's a bit description-intensive. I like to be specific. Also, I realize these guns would be really outdated, but in character they were the only ones the Brotherhood didn't take/buy/etc.

    James LeMat

    Alias: Nul

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 35

    Alignment: Neutral

    Faction: No ties, as of yet.

    Description: Nul is unaccountable, in the way of looks. He appears to be of average height and weight. Nul wears a tattered brown trenchcoat and cowboy hat, along with brown cargo pants and muddy combat boots. His entire face is obscured with a combination of what appears to be a black gas mask minus the canister, and brown rags. Other than this, no one is quite sure what he looks like.

    Personality: While Nul seems to have good intentions, but it's hard to tell sometimes seeing as he doesn't exactly speak much. In fact, no one has gotten him to speak yet. The current theory is that he is mute.

    Equipment: Visibly, Nul carries a bedroll on his back and a metal staff, about four feet long and cappped at both ends. In his coat pockets he has a few protein/calorie bars and a canteen. In a boot he has a combat knife. Under his tattered coat, Nul wears a Browning Hi Power pistol in a shoulder holster and a four shot COPP on rails on his left arm. Under that, he has a close fitting pack attached to the coat that wraps around his body and contains a number of small MREs, matches, ammo for his pistols, medical supplies, and a silencer for his Browning. Under that he has a tight fitting suit of a mixture of kevlar and modular steel plates. In the bedroll, he has the rest of the pieces to his PTRD-41, including the scope, stock, three magazines, and about 50 rounds. The barrel is his staff. His face is actually covered with a ballistic face mask, which is obscured as much as possible by cloth wrappings and goggles from an old gas mask.

    Abilities: In addition to the ability to live off the land, as it were, Nul has an impeccable ability to blend into the backround, and is a master of stealth. He is really only noticed when he wants to be. Nul is also a skilled gunman, and prefers bullets to lasers. He also has minor skill in bo staff fighting.

    Backstory: James, aka Nul, is a vault-born man from Vault 73. He lived there for a long time, repairing weapons the brotherhood brought in for him. Then one day, he caught a brotherhood initiate mistreating a woman. After severely wounding the man, James outfitted himself with some of his better repaired weapons, and left in the night. Since then, he has managed to live without creating much of a disturbance, mostly by avoiding all unnecessary contact, especially with the Brotherhood.
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