In a matter of seconds, the tables turn and it becomes clear that the serpent bit off more than it could chew. As a final effort Tralkor pummels the beast, followed by a few fierce stabs by Nala's spear, slaying the snake.

As you overlook the situation, you find both Tralkor and the snake motionless on the ground as a few feet away an enormous chitinous mass of legs appears. Covered in pitch black scales with fiercely red edges, the multilegged horror produces a twitching and tickling sound originating from various parts of its 5 meter long body, but mostly where you think its mouth is. Or should be. It does not really act, yet, but instead starts scavenging and munching on dead leaf matter on the forest floor.

So, there's the fiendish monstrous centipede and the unconscious ogrous druid I'd like to know how you will be dealing with.